Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 748

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 748-The screen showed a string of numbers instead of a name.

Jasper had always had two numbers, one for personal use and one for work.

She remembered them both very well.

He would only use his personal phone to call her privately, so this time was a bit unusual.

Alyssa’s heart tightened, and she answered the call, slowly placing the phone to her ear, but remained silent.

“Lyse!” Jasper’s voice was hoarse and unrecognizable.

Alyssa didn’t reply. She kept her lips tightly sealed. Her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

“Lyse, please believe me, I’ve been set up by someone!” Jasper knew it wasn’t easy to get her to answer the call, so he didn’t waste time and got to the point.

This is a complex setup. Zoe couldn’t have done it alone. Someone must be backing her!

“And t the bait set by the other party wasn’t Zoe. It was you!” Alyssa, with her eyes cast down, spoke slowly. “Let’s meet at the City Center Amusement Park near KS World in half an hour.” If she hadn’t answered Jonah’s call just now, Jasper wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to her.

Now, she really wanted to hear what Jasper had to say.

“Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Alyssa has left the hospital. She was driving by herself.” Todd quickly returned to inform Jameson. “She stayed in the bathroom for quite a while, and when she left, she looked furious and even paler than you!” Jameson leaned against the head of the bed and curled his lips. He wished for her anger, believing the more intense, the better.

A profound ache, like scraping to the bone, seemed the only effective way to expunge Jasper entirely from her heart!

“Have someone closely follow Ms. Alyssa. And get a car ready for me. I’ll follow later to find her.” Todd had thought about advising him. But he understood Jameson wouldn’t listen, so he simply agreed.

That’s not necessary.” Jameson made a subtle gesture, and the pain prompted beads of sweat on his forehead, causing his jawline to stiffen.

FOOR Todd felt disheartened observing Jameson in such a state. He sensed that this time, Jameson was wholeheartedly devoted and deeply in love with Alyssa.

He couldn’t comprehend how someone as astute as Jameson could appear worn and haggard for love. Jameson was competitive and never allowed himself to be in a weak position.

However, only Jameson knew what he was doing in his own heart.

In love, being dominant wasn’t always beneficial. Sometimes, being humble and showing vulnerability would yield better results.

Moreover, Alyssa was naturally a strong-willed woman, and after the hardships she endured because of Jasper, he wouldn’t let her suffer again. He would ensure she had the pride and self-esteem she deserved.

At this moment, the phone under the pillow vibrated.

Tood quickly picked it up and handed it to Jameson, saying, “Mr. Schmidt, it’s Ms. Arman.” Jameson’s eyes darkened as he answered the phone. “Hello.” “Mr. Schmidt, how was my performance?” Ambe’s voice carried a cheerful tone with a touch of seduction. “I sent those photos to Jasper, and he fell for it immediately. He rushed to the hotel and jumped into the trap eagerly.

“Hahaha! These supposed young geniuses and business prodigies are foolish when it comes to women, thinking only with their lower half of their body. These kinds of men aren’t a match to you.” “Did you send those photos to his phone via text message?” Jameson asked casually.


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