Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1664

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1664-Jasper held back the urge to roll his eyes as he tapped out of the chat.

Alyssa, seated in another room, repeatedly scrolled through the malicious comments online. Heartbroken and tearing up, she nearly crushed the phone screen. Silas and Liam kept her company, not knowing what to do except to exchange looks because they’d never come across such a situation.

“Lyse, don’t fret about it. Jonah and Julien aren’t in the entertainment industry.

The scandal will die down after a while,” Silas comforted Alyssa.

He sighed, feeling sorry for Jonah.

“Sure, the gossip will eventually die down, but Jonah and Julien will be scarred forever.” Alyssa closed her eyes, taking deep breaths to calm herself. “Jonah is the president of KS Group. We might own the company, but Jonah’s reputation and public image have taken a huge hit.

“This is what the mastermind wishes to see—to tarnish Jonah’s reputation so that he couldn’t face the public.

“Julien isn’t a public figure, but the Lovelace family is difficult. Now that they’ve heard about the scandal, I’m afraid Julien can’t go back to them.”

The thought of it upset her to no end. After hanging out with Julien for a while and going through ups and downs together, she had already considered him family.

Upon learning that Julien had suffered beatings by the Lovelace family, Alyssa felt an overwhelming urge to retaliate on his behalf. She nearly stormed to their residence.

Just like Jonah, she did not wish to see Julien suffer.

Liam immediately knelt beside her upon seeing the tears in her eyes. Holding her hand tenderly, he peered into her eyes. “Lyse, don’t worry. If the Lovelaces are ignorant enough to abandon a fine young man like Julien, we’ll take him in.”

“Liam…” Alyssa softly called out to him as tears welled up again.

Liam chuckled. “I always wondered who Jonah would end up with, given how perfect and arrogant he was. Now, I realize that Julien is his perfect match.”

Alyssa fell into a daze, recalling how Jonah and Julien always stayed by each other’s side—how Julian had always tried to fulfill all of Jonah’s requests to the best of his ability and the way they lovingly looked at each other like they’d found the universe in the others’ eyes.

There were signs all along.

“Liam was right. We should celebrate Jonah finding himself a partner.” Silas grinned cheerfully after shedding the gloom from before. “Hehe! One of the Taylor sons finally started dating. Jonah is a role model to us all.”

Liam replied, “Silas, you should follow suit, then. You’re not any younger.”

That prompted Alyssa and Silas to glare at him. “No. You’d better not!”

At that moment, they heard a dull knock on the door. Silas answered the door and looked flustered. “J- Julien?”

Alyssa shot up from the couch when she learned that Julien had arrived.

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