Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1661

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1661-With a meaningful look, Winston shifted his gaze from Jonah to Julien.

Moments later, he rasped, “Jonah, let’s have a private chat.”

Winston and Jonah were alone in the room. Winston stared out the window with his back to Jonah without saying a word.

Jonah had expected a barrage of questioning and scolding, but they did not come. The silence, however, proved more agonizing than direct confrontation.

“Dad, everything you’ve read and seen is true. I’m sorry,” Jonah broke the silence and apologized profusely to Winston. “I’m deeply sorry for all the time and energy you invested in me, only to end up being a disappointment. This is entirely my fault. I only ask one thing—please don’t make things difficult for Julien.”

Winston remained silent. Seeing that, Jonah slowly straightened up and suggested, “I know my scandal has landed KS Group in a crisis. I will turn in my resignation tomorrow and kickstart the handover transition. I will also step down from the board of directors.”

Hearing that, Winston finally reacted. He shot up from the wheelchair and had to grab the window sill to steady himself from the sudden movement.

“Dad, watch out!” Jonah wanted to offer help when Winston spun around to glare at him.

Winston questioned, “Are you throwing the towel in over a mere scandal?”

Jonah looked taken aback.

“Many CEOs of major corporations abroad have come out of the closet, and they’re doing just fine. The society here might be slightly conservative, but ultimately, this scandal is a personal matter that does not concern or hurt the public.” Winston slammed his hand on the wall, looking aggrieved.

He added, “The tabloids made many headlines out of my decision to take four wives, and they were harsh to me. But look at me. That didn’t stop my decadeslong tenure as the company chairman for a few decades. In the end, those who gossiped about me had to show me respect and take my orders.”

Jonah was dumbfounded. Gaping at Winston, he stammered, “Dad, I—”

“How could my son be so spineless? You’re not resilient enough. You’re not even half as strong-willed as Lyse!” Winston shook his head furiously and started musing, “That’s very odd. Who did you take after? Certainly not after me or your mom.”

“Dad, I’m different from you.” Jonah felt touched as he didn’t expect Winston’s support, but Winston’s response only added to his guilt.

“How are we different? Explain!” Furious, Winston marched up to Jonah despite his sickly body. “Are you inferior to me or anyone else? No. In fact, you’re on par with Jasper Beckett.

“Love isn’t a crime, nor is having a different sexual orientation. Those who ridicule and curse you are narrow-minded fools. Pay no heed to them, and remember just one thing—” Winston’s voice choked with emotions. He rested a hand on Jonah’s shoulder as he remarked, “No matter what happens, you are…

my finest son.”

Jonah’s eyes widened. Each word from Winston filled him with warmth, reigniting his spirit.

Winston, who had never displayed vulnerability, not even during Jennifer’s passing, unexpectedly teared up in Jonah’s presence.

“Dad, thank you.” Jonah had no more words except to thank his father.

As affluent and respected as Winston was, he was, above all, a father.

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