Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1659

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1659-Jasper’s languid tone pained Landon. “Jasper, stop sounding so defeated. Chin up, won’t you? Sometimes, when I struggle to face the boomers in top leadership as the company president, I mimic what you do.

“You’re my role model, and you need to act like one. Who else am I going to learn from?”

To Landon, who lost his father young, Jasper was more than a true friend; he was also an older brother who contributed significantly to Landon’s growth.

Jasper managed a smile, his frosty expression softening. Still, Landon’s remark failed to lighten up his mood.

Right after Jasper ended the call, everyone else’s phones buzzed with notifications in unison.

Sean, who had been out dealing with work matters on Alyssa and Jonah’s behalf, hurried back frantically. “Mr. Jonah, I have bad news!”

As the words rolled off his tongue, he turned white and froze on the spot upon noticing the other family members present.

Alyssa, Jasper, and the others had checked the push notifications on their respective phones. The title read, “Shocker! KS Group President Caught in Gay Love Affair: Shocking Photo Proof Inside!”

The next title read, “KS Group President Spotted in Late-Night Rendezvous with Lover!”

Another news article wrote, “Confirmed Gay: Scandalous Snaps Exposed! KS Group President’s Steamy Photos Leaked!”

Alyssa’s mind went blank as a shiver ran down her spine. Blood frozen, she tapped into the article with trembling fingers. Photos of Jonah and Julien kissing and hugging in the car were released.

Such snaps wouldn’t have caused a stir if it happened between a man and woman. Unfortunately, it was a romance between two men, which became a shocking crisis.

The article was written in the most sensational and racy way to provoke the imagination of the readers. Jasper, Silas, Cyrus, and the other family members fell into a heavy silence when they read the news.

Even Julien, the subject of the scandal, had no words. His already pale face turned a whiter shade, as his ears rang from the shock. Only Jonah stood still like a mountain with a calm and determined look in his eyes.

Julien, struggling to breathe, peered at his love through tears. He mouthed at Jonah, “Sorry.”

He thought, “Jonah, I’m sorry…”

Just as he was grappling with all the emotions, Mandy stormed up to him, snapping, “Are you happy now?”

The resounding slap echoed in the corridor, but it landed on Jonah’s cheek, not Julien’s.

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