Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1655

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1655-Winston was immediately hospitalized at the VIP ward of a Belbanks hospital owned by the Taylors.

When Alyssa and Jasper sent Winston to the hospital, Jonah and Julien had been waiting for them. After a few days of separation, Alyssa noticed that Julien had lost weight and looked pallid. It was as though he had recently recovered from a serious illness.

Without wasting time, the hospital staff wheeled Winston into the treatment room, and Julien followed suit. Before entering the room, he turned to cast one last glance at Jonah, mouthing, “Don’t worry. I got you.”

Everyone’s heart sank when the doors slammed shut. Jonah stared squarely at the room with bated breath and heartache. Winston’s ailment and Julien’s health weighed heavily on him.

That morning, Julien had complained about a dull pain in the wounds on his back. Jonah had wanted him to rest, but upon learning about Winston’s health issue, Julien scrambled up with renewed vigor and insisted on traveling to Belbanks.

On their way to Belbanks, Jonah held the steering wheel with one hand as Julien played with his free hand, squeezing and rubbing it with much love.

Jonah recalled how he tried to talk Julien out of the trip. “You’ve only begun to recover. You’ll only overexert yourself by taking on the stressful work.”

Julien retorted, “I’m a man; I’m not as fragile as you thought. Don’t worry.”

Funnily enough, Julien always emphasized the fact that he was a man, as though Jonah might confuse him as a lady due to his lovely features. Perhaps part of Julien worried that he’d be abandoned again like last time, which was unbearable for him.

“I know you’re a man.” Staring forward, Jonah said in a hoarse voice, “I know what I’m doing. I have never been more aware than the night we’d spent together.”

Julien swooned at Jonah’s perfect side profile without bothering to conceal his passion. In the next moment, he reached out to kiss Jonah on the cheek.

Jonah’s eyes filled with passion as he curled his fingers in Julien’s grasp.

Julien promised, “I’ll take charge of Dad’s illness. Don’t ever try to hire another doctor. I’m the only doctor you need.” Then, he lifted his chin smugly.

This time, Julien openly referred to Winston as “Dad” without any hesitation or embarrassment. Jonah might appear calm and unruffled, but he quietly gulped and felt touched upon hearing that.

“Jonah, how did you manage to get the Lovelaces to release Julien after that huge fallout?” Alyssa’s curiosity was piqued as she inquired.

Jonah’s heart pounded. He grappled with guilt and bitterness.

Jonah couldn’t fathom the courage it took for Julien to escape the Lovelaces, all to be with him.

“If only I had waited longer…” Jonah murmured.

“What was that, Jonah?” Alyssa queried, struggling to catch his words.

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