Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1643

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1643-Neil walked over to open the door and received the shock of his life.

“Mr. Beckett?”

“Mr. Benton.”

Jasper stood at the entrance coldly. He was panting, indicating that he had rushed here. “Is Uncle Winston and Alyssa in there? I brought the drugs.”

When Alyssa heard his voice, she immediately got up and walked toward him.

An uncontrollable sense of longing surged in her heart.


Alyssa rushed into Jasper’s wide embrace. The emotions she held in for so long had turned into tears and began streaming down.

Jasper eagerly stretched his sturdy yet shaky arms to hug her. His eyes reddened. “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, Alyssa. The wait wasn’t in vain. I have the drugs.”

He quickly reached into the pocket of his overcoat and retrieved a long box.

“There are six of them in here. It’s more than what you received the last time.

This should cover Uncle Winston for a while, in case he needs it.”

Alyssa took the box from him. Her heart was churning as she was overwhelmed by that gesture.

He didn’t say much, but Alyssa knew how difficult it was to get his hands on the drugs. She wasn’t concerned about the cost but was afraid Jasper used shameful means to get his hands on them, losing his dignity.

She would never be able to reconcile with the idea of that.

“Thank you, Jasper…” Alyssa clenched the box tightly as she felt like crying.

“Silly, you don’t need to thank me. I would do anything for you.”

Jasper smiled gently and took her hand. “Quick, give this to Uncle Winston.”


Mandy walked hurriedly to them with a frown on her face. “Thank you for your kind gesture, Jasper.

Lyse, I think let’s not use this on your father for now.”

“Why?” Jasper and Alyssa said at the same time.

“Haven’t you realized how lethargic your father has been these days? He is sluggish and is no longer as energetic as he used to be.”

An inexplicable heavy look was on Mandy’s face. “A stroke is scary, but we know how his illness turned out this way. The drug may be able to elevate the symptoms temporarily, but it seems more like it is covering up the illness. Plus, we have no idea what the side effects would be.

“So, I’m suggesting to stop using the medication and observe his condition for now.”

Jasper and Alyssa exchanged glances in shock.

“N-No, we can’t stop the medication.”

When Winston heard what Mandy said, he objected strongly as he got down from the bed with his forehead full of sweat.

After taking two steps, his legs couldn’t support him anymore. Luckily, Carl was swift enough to hold him up.

Something was off!

He knew the changes in his body better than anyone else.

However, he had no choice.

“Lyse, something is wrong with Uncle Winston.”

Jasper pursed his lips and murmured into Alyssa’s ear, “I think Mrs. Taylor is right. Let’s stop the medication for now.”

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