Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1641

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1641-“D-Did something happen?” Amber wasn’t concerned for Jameson. She just needed to have everything under control to protect herself.

“Sigh! Mr. Schmidt went to see Mr. Justin and found out that Mr. Justin sent the drug that Mr. Schmidt failed to deliver to the Taylors. All these while, Mr. Justin had never interfered with Mr. Schmidt and Ms. Alyssa’s business.

“Now, at this juncture, he decided to show up as the good guy. Wouldn’t this paint Mr. Schmidt, the one who used the drug to threaten Mr. Winston, as a petty man?

“Ms. Alyssa would hate and despise him even more. Mr. Justin is throwing Mr.

Schmidt under the bus to make himself look good. Mr. Schmidt had every right to be outraged!”

Comparisons are odious.

Jameson had a well-thought-out plan, but Justin’s interference had painted him like a fool.

“Mr. Justin is not doing this for Mr. Jasper but for Ms. Alyssa.”

Carl sighed, “Mr. Schmidt had suspected Mr. Justin had feelings for Ms. Alyssa multiple times. From the looks of things, he is ready to cause trouble. How could he not panic?”

Amber smiled sadly.

Now, she realized—he was eager to send her to Justin like a token to stop Justin from having any ideas toward Alyssa.

Suddenly, she respected and admired Alyssa deeply.

Alyssa was an intelligent lady borne of riches. She was childhood friends with Jameson. Previously, when Jameson pursued her, she didn’t even fall for him.

Instead, she exposed his true colors.

Amber wanted to be like Alyssa, a woman with a clear consciousness and mental strength.

If only she could be like her.

When Carl returned to Jameson, the man had almost dismantled his entire luxurious room.

Jameson exhausted his energy. He was panting as he slumped on the red velvet couch. He tugged his tie aggressively.

“Why isn’t there any news from the people we sent to spy on the Taylors? Such a useless bunch! Aren’t they just asking for it?” “Mr. Schmidt, please calm down.

Our men are working around the clock and monitoring the Taylors closely. If we dig deep enough, we will find something valuable in no time!”

Carl’s phone rang as he finished.

He took his phone and looked at his WhatsApp.

Instantly, Carl’s eyes widened like his world had been shaken. He ran to Jameson and handed the phone to him. His hands were shaking terribly. “M-Mr.

Schmidt, your chance to get back at them is here.


Jameson frowned in annoyance and lazily glanced at the phone.

“This can’t be wrong, Mr. Schmidt!”

A malicious and excited glint slowly grew in Jameson’s eyes. He suddenly laughed so manically that he was crying.

After a long while, he handed the phone back to Carl. He leisurely sat on the couch again and poured himself a glass of red wine to celebrate.

“What’s the rush? Even if we want to handle this, we shouldn’t get our hands dirty.”

Carl didn’t understand what he meant. “What are you saying?”

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