Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1640

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1640-Amber’s pupils trembled in fear, and her slender legs under her skirt shook violently.

“Last time I visited him, I felt like his eyes were all over you.”

Jameson grabbed her chin forcefully, lifting it with enough force to crush her jawbone. “I can confirm he’s taken an interest in you.

“It seems he isn’t as refined as I thought. Since he can’t obtain the real person, having a fake around for a feast of the eyes and to satisfy his desires might not be a bad choice.”

Amber’s eyes were red-rimmed, with tears glistening as they emitted a plea of helplessness. “Mr. Schmidt… please… please don’t send me to Mr. Justin.

“I’ve been loyal to you for so many years… Please don’t send me away… I beg you!”

“What value do you have?”

Jameson, who had been holding back his anger since his return, unleashed it all on Amber. He pushed her forcefully in the chest.

Amber stumbled back two steps, banging into the wall with a dull thud. Her back felt cold and painful.

“Carl, pack her things. Send her to Mosgravia tomorrow.”


Amber knelt at Jameson’s feet. Tears streamed down her face as she clasped her hands together. “I swear to serve you faithfully! I’ll never betray you! I’ll do anything you ask. Just please don’t make me leave!”

Her tears and fear were genuine. But even she couldn’t discern how much of her words were true.

Jameson had been her savior, lifting her out of a life of homelessness and destitution and giving her a home.

She couldn’t forget him teaching her to ride a horse, play the piano, appreciate wine, Grunslandish, manners, and many more.

She was able to undergo a complete transformation, all thanks to his hands-on training and guidance. Before returning to Solana City, Jameson was her everything, the light she pursued throughout her life.

But now, she finally saw through him.

Since the day Jameson had her undergo plastic surgery to resemble Alyssa, she should have realized.

He only saw her as a tool to be used and discarded. There were other women to replace her if she were gone. Her salvation was just a coincidence.

Was such a person who had brought her back to life only to trample on her body and dignity still worthy of her love and loyalty?

“Mr. Schmidt, I know you’re angry, but please, be rational. Calm down.”

In a panic, Carl pleaded, “Ms. Altman is the masterpiece you’ve cultivated yourself—your most satisfactory work. It’s not easy to find another woman with her talent and abilities who’ll be this devoted to you.

At this, Jameson’s cold gaze softened slightly.

Amber’s heartache intensified. Tears mixed with blood rolled down her cheeks.

Trembling, she opened her palm and saw a reflection of Axel’s wicked grin in the teardrops in her hand.

Narrowing his eyes, Jameson seemed to take in Carl’s words. He ignored the woman kneeling on the ground and strode away.

Carl sighed as he watched Jameson’s retreating figure. He then reached out to help Amber up.

“No need… I can stand up on my own.” Amber wiped away her tears fiercely, struggling to stand up.

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