Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1639

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1639-In the darkness, Jonah’s neck and earlobes flushed red.

His breathing became heavy as he slowly raised his hand. He landed his warm palm on Julien’s abdomen, gently caressing the smooth skin.

“Do you still think this is a dream?”

Under Jonah’s touch, Julien trembled as if electrified. Finally, he leaned in and grabbed Jonah’s face, kissing him fiercely.

Their silhouettes intertwined, filling the room with their kissing sounds.

“Jonah, can you let me be with you? I don’t want anything. Just let me be with you. I don’t mind, even if we can never be public.”

Jonah’s dark eyes shimmered with profound affection.

He couldn’t hide it or contain himself any longer. He knew exactly what he was doing. At this moment, he was more awake than ever before.

“From now on, I’m yours. Yours alone.”

With tears in his eyes, Julien nestled into Jonah’s bare yet strong chest. He felt a happiness he had never felt before.

Lately, Jameson had been busy dealing with the troubles brought to the company by the Taylor family.

The losses incurred by the Tsulu resort project had been somewhat mitigated, with Jameson sending people to visit and compensate for the injured and deceased. He also orchestrated media coverage to salvage the reputation of the Schmidt Group.

In secret, the officials from Tsulu responsible for the incident had been successfully bribed by Jameson, using a combination of money and women’s seduction. They had agreed to minimize the negative impact of the incident and ensure that it wouldn’t affect the project’s construction in the future.

Amber’s sacrifices were essential in this process.

Though Jameson had stopped her from selling her body after the incident with Inigo, she still had to be around those lascivious, high-ranking officials to secure Jameson’s interests.

This was Amber’s only remaining value by his side.

She had no turning back now because her value as Alyssa’s substitute had been lost. If she lost this as well, Jameson would abandon her completely.

Others’ abandonment meant discarding, but Jameson’s would mean destruction.

With a tumultuous fate, she had fought tooth and nail to survive to this day. She wanted to live well, not endure a life of misery, and end up with a tragic death.

That night, Jameson returned from his business trip to Mosgravia with an extremely grim expression. As soon as he entered The Millennium’s gates, Amber, who greeted him, shivered and hastily took a few steps back.

“Mr. Schmidt…”

Jameson stared at her coldly, as if seeing someone he could never have through her.

“Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Altman has done a great service for you in Tsulu.”

“Persuaded? Or seduced?” Jameson sneered disdainfully.

Amber lowered her head and stared at the tips of her red high heels. Her throat felt so constricted that she had difficulty breathing.

“It’s just a brothel. If it weren’t for the bigger picture, would I care?”

Jameson’s gaze softened slightly as he withdrew it from Amber’s flushed face.

“If she can’t even do this, she might as well die and not waste any air.”

Carl glanced at Amber, unsure of what else to say.

“Oh, wait. Apart from managing the place, she might still have some use.”

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