Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1233

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1233-Julien spoke and walked up to Jonah’s side. He joined the others in examining Zoe. “As a doctor, I am very well aware of patient confidentiality. Any self-respecting doctor would not leak their patient’s information to a third party.

“So, I surmised that Ms. Zoe had paid off Alyssa’s physician. Did you, Ms. Zoe? If that’s the case, let’s get the doctor under arrest to secure our witness.”

Jonah nodded in agreement, acknowledging Julien’s approach with a slight frown. Julien, in turn, looked pleased to receive Jonah’s approval.

“Who’s that handsome guy?” a voice inquired.

“Is he one of Alyssa’s suitors?” another speculated.

Julien silently fumed upon hearing that. He was not Alyssa’s suitor. He was just a man capitalizing on Alyssa’s case to win favors with Jonah.

“No! This has nothing to do with the doctor!” Zoe blurted out, flustered from all the talk of witness.

“What does that mean? Are you suggesting that the information didn’t come from a doctor? Who provided it to you, then?” Landon interrogated her.

“I … I …” She clenched her fists as her eyes darted around. She stammered but offered no answer.

“Pfft. Zoe, had Dad learned about your actions and your refusal to admit to your wrongs, he would have taught you a lesson from the heavens.” Landon angrily undid his tie and tossed it onto the floor, signifying that his patience had worn thin. “Very well. You refuse to tell.”

He directed the bodyguards, “Hey, get her arrested and take her to the police. If she won’t confess to us, we’ll let the police handle it.”

The bodyguards promptly followed his instructions. Zoe crumbled into Cornelius’ arms, frightened and tear-stained. “Grandpa, how could Landon do this to me? He wants his sister dead!”

“Landon, enough is enough. Zoe is your sister. Why would you destroy her reputation in the public? Do you want her to live her life in shame?” Cornelius knew he could not force anything on Landon, so he novelbin changed his strategy to appeal to his grandson.

He advised, “Even if Zoe is wrong, she is still young. There could be some mastermind pulling strings behind her. Anyway, I do not believe my granddaughter is capable of doing this. She couldn’t have thought of getting the diagnosis from the doctor. Someone must have set her up and take advantage of her!

“I’m afraid that mastermind could be someone near Ms. Alyssa. This wouldn’t have happened if the suspect did not have enough knowledge of her.”

After a night of being unreasonable, Cornelius finally offered some useful insight.

Alyssa and Jasper’s expressions darkened upon hearing Cornelius’ analysis. While Zoe was cunning, she wasn’t smart enough to dig into Alyssa’s medical history or access the confidential diagnosis.

Only a select few were privy to the diagnosis, with Ben, Alyssa’s physician, and Winston’s three wives being among them.

Ben and Alyssa’s stepmothers would never leak the information, leaving only the doctor as the suspect.

However, he seemed unlikely to do so given his longstanding friendship with Newton and Ben’s vigilant oversight. Furthermore, Alyssa confirmed that the diagnosis was deleted from the system, wiping away any existing record of the truth.

Someone with the ability to retrieve deleted data and had knowledge of her miscarriage was orchestrating the events. The nauseating realization dawned on Alyssa. It felt as if a set of eyes had been observing her closely for a long time.

“Grandpa, have a rest from all the talking. You’re getting older, and you need to watch your health.”

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