Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 2070

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 2070-“Can you cand speak to Mr. Landon? He looks like he’s having a breakdown. I’m quite terrified!” Jordan exclaimed.

Jasper’s chest tightened when he heard that. He turned around and walked toward the door. “Givethe address. I’ll head over right now!” When Jasper arrived, Landon was the only patron in the dimly lit pub. He was sitting by the bar and taking a glass of vodka from the bartender. Jasper asked Jordan to wait outside. Then, he walked over to Landon and sat down by his side. He placed his hand on Landon’s shoulder. “That’s enough, Landon. These strong alcohols are not good for your health. You’re about to have your wedding. You need to look after yourself.” Landon lifted his head slowly. His drawn and pale face was covered in tears. His eyes were bloodshot. It made Jasper’s heart wrench to see him like that.

“Why are you crying?” Jasper was astonished. He looked at him intently. “What in the world happened? Don’t be like this. Tellwhat’s wrong, and we’ll figure this out together!” “Lauren… Lauren, she…” Jasper widened his eves. He becflustered “What happened to Lauren?” “She… can no longer beca mother…..

The doctor said that she won’t be able to have children of her own…..” The tall, muscular frthat was Landon’s trademark seemed to shrink as he cried, his body wracked with sobs before his friend.

Seeing as how Landon was on the verge of breaking down, Jasper felt like his heart was being torn into pieces. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything for a long while.

Frankly speaking, Alyssa had looked through Lauren’s medical records and checkup results. She had given Jasper a heads-up. She told him that pregnancy was indeed very risky for Lauren. Even if she did conceive, she couldn’t be sure if the baby would be able to grow up healthy.

However, hearing it from Landon’s mouth still made him feel terrible.

“Landon, I know that you’ve been wanting to have children with Lauren. But there are many different ways to be happy.” “No… That’s not it… I was just running my mouth last time. I don’t fucking care if Lauren is or isn’t able to bear a child! I love her no matter how she is!” Landon pressed his forehead against Jasper’s chest. His voice becchoppy as he sobbed, “But wasn’t I the one who caused all these? I was the one who made her end up like this! “She could have… could have been healthy… It was me. I was the one who ruined her!” A wave of sorrow crashed over Jasper and billowed within him.

No one else could relate to Landon better than he did. It was as if Landon and Lauren were going through the sthings that he and Alyssa did in the past.

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