Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 2068

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 2068-Thank you for caring for my wife over this period. I’ve prepared a gift for you.

My secretary has brought it to your office.” Landon poured a cup of tea for Robbie. He was no longer the prideful man that he used to be. His speech and mannerisms were much friendlier now. The changes in Landon were indeed drastic. In order to beca brilliant leader like Jasper and for Lauren’s sake, he was willing to let go of the man he used to be.

“No worries at all, Mr. Harper. It’s my job to be responsible for my patients. A gift isn’t necessary. I am just doing my job.” Robbie paused before continuing in a low voice, “Mr. Harper, we have performed a thorough body check for Mrs.

Harper this morning. We found that she has endometriosis.” Landon, while carrying a teacup in his hand, froze. His chest tightened. “What’s that?” “It’s not

a major condition or anything. There can be many reasons why one develops this disease. In Mrs. Harper’s case, it’s a little more serious.

“She toldthat she experiences severe pain during every menstrual cycle. She isn’t able to bear the pain without the help of medication. Also, this symptom has been ongoing for many years.” Landon’s face ran white, and his breathing becuneven.

He recalled back to the twhen he first started cohabiting with Lauren. Angelina had told him that Lauren always felt uncomfortable when she had her periods.

At times, she would even curl up in bed in pain.

To be honest, he didn’t understand it. He thought that every woman experienced something similar for a few days each month and that they would be fine after those few days. He never imagined that it was because Lauren had developed such a condition.

“Dr. Hill, I don’t care how much it costs or what you do. You have to treat my wife, please!” In Landon’s anxiousness, his voice was hoarse and shaky. “It’s possible to cure her endometriosis, but the possibility of her getting pregnant will only decrease.” “Are you saying it is highly unlikely for Lauren to beca mother?”

Landon’s eyes turned red. His breathing was heavy. “Even if she is fully cured?”

Having endometriosis is just one of he reasons. Another reason is that Mrs.

Harper’s internal injuries were oo severe. Previously, I’ve advised ‘ou to be mentally prepared for Mrs Harper to be on medication in the ong term.” Content belongs to ¿wRobbie sighed, “In a situation like this, we would normally discourage the patients from getting pre l.n Not only is the likelihood of pregnancy very low, but even if a child is conceived, the fetus will be affected by the various medications.

“There would then be a very high chance of the child developing congenital defects and even deformities.

“Mr. Harper, I know you and your wife are very much in love and hope to have children of your own. But, as humans, we have to be realistic.

“If your child can’t be born healthy, the both of you will end up suffering for the rest of your life. It’s also not too fair for your child, isn’t it?” As Landon exited the lounge and walked back toward Lauren’s hospital ward, he felt like he was trudging through a desert for a really long time. Everything looked bleak before him.

His mouth was dry, and he felt like he had swallowed shards of glass. The pain was so immense that he couldn’t even take deep breaths.

He took a detour to the washroom and spent stwashing his face with cold water.

It took a long tto suppress his emotions before he had enough courage to return to see Lauren. Lauren was sitting up against the headboard of her hospital bed.

The afternoon sun rays illuminated her fair-skinned face.

“What are you so engrossed in, darling? Hmm?” Landon scooted up right next to Lauren and wrapped his arms around her. She was watching a variety show on a tablet.

“Ah…” Lauren pointed at a little girl on the screen. There was a twinkle lin her eyes,

She was watching a parent-child variety program that had becpopular recently. It was a show that featured celebrities bringing up their children.

The child on the screen had an innocent smile on her face. However, seeing that child made Landon’s.

heart wrench. It tore at his insides.

Lauren hadn’t realized the changes in Landon. Her cheeks were flushed She picked yp herlstylus pen and wrote, “Let’s have a child together, Landon.”

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