Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1921

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1920-Preston quivered in fear and sweated profusely. The five injections represented revenge for five different victims.

Oddly, even when Preston had his arm severed by Landon, or when he was shot three times at the swimming pool, he had never felt closer to death than this moment.

Perhaps Jordan was right. Preston’s courage to die seemed to fade away after being given a second shot at life.

Jordan, with a steely look in his eyes, injected the first poison into Preston’s chest. The cold needle pierced through the skin, causing Preston to writhe as though he was being electrocuted. His eyes popped out in agony as he moaned.

“The first injection is for Landon’s late father, who is dead because of you. After this shot, your limbs will go numb, and you will experience convulsions.” Jordan picked up the second syringe and plunged it into Preston’s left rib. “This shot is for Mr. Cornelius. You will feel a sharp pain in your stomach, as well as a headache and nausea.”

Preston cast a pleading look at Jordan. His tears and snot gushed out humiliatingly. The slow torture hurt more than being shot.

“The third injection is for Mr. Landon. You will start to foam by the mouth and struggle to breathe.” Jordan poked the needle into Preston’s right rib.

A few seconds later, Preston indeed started to heave, but vomit accumulated and was forced back into his throat due to the tape over his mouth. His face turned red before gradually transitioning into a deathly shade of purple.

“The fourth injection is for Madam. After this shot, you will lose your eyesight while the pain in your stomach intensifies.” Jordan poked the thick needle into Preston’s stomach this time with a heartless chuckle.

Slowly, Preston’s vision blurred. The poison got to his organs, leading to a seizure. His facial muscles stiffened, and his heart pounded against his chest.

His bloodshot eyes carried a vacant and despairing look.

“The final injection is for my senior… Angelina.” Jordan held the fifth syringe with trembling fingers.

Tears brimmed in his eyes. He struggled to speak. “She lived her whole life in danger and suffering. She did not enjoy a day to herself before leaving the world. How could life be this unfair to her? That was too cruel.

“She would never have the chance to see Mr. Landon married. She had not found the love of her life. How could she leave us?

“If I were given a second chance, I would take her place and die. How I wish I could fall into that empty pool in her place.

“Preston Harper, go to hell. Repent your sins in front of the devil and be punished forever!”

Jordan’s chest tightened. Panicking, he shoved the doors open and barged out.

With two policemen hard on his heels, he sprinted all the way to the underground parking lot.

The door of the second car flung open, followed by a familiar voice coming from the shadows in the car. “Hop in!”

Jordan’s heart thundered. Without hesitation, he climbed into the car.

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