Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1919

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1919-Betty barked, “Shut up! You’re just my dad’s lapdog. This is not your place to speak!”

“Enough! You should be the one shutting up.” Javier slammed his fist on the table, which sent Betty reeling from the shock. She stammered, “D-Dad…”

“You repeatedly hurt my daughter. Sending you to jail is being merciful to you.”

Leaning forward, Javier clenched his jaw and seethed, “You deserve to go to hell with that evil mom of yours!”

Shaking from head to toe, Betty pressed her hands against the glass. “Dad!

Dad, what are you talking about? I’m as much your daughter as Lauren is! I was Zoe’s victim—she threatened me! You can’t watch me suffer!”

“Why would I save you?” Javier slowly rose from his seat. Then, he cast an arrogant and heartless look at Betty as if she were an enemy. “I’m here today to let you know that your problems are none of my business from now on. I will not visit you again. The sight of you disgusts me.”


“Stop calling me Dad. You’re not my daughter—only Lauren is!”

With that, Javier turned around and left without another look at Betty.

“Dad, I’m your daughter! Dad!” she yelled at the top of her lungs while slamming her fists against the glass.

Rory slapped the paternity test result on the glass, covering her face behind it.

He revealed, “I’m sorry, but you are not related to Mr. Javier at all.”

Betty’s eyes nearly popped out when she read the writing on the paper.

Rory smirked. “You’re just a bastard child—a product of lust and infidelity between Sophia Kirkman and a vile man.”

“Get Dad here. I need to hear it from his mouth!”

“I’m Betty Beckett! I’m a lady of a distinguished family! Mess with me, and I’ll teach you a lesson! Hahaha!”

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