Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1914

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1914-Jasper and Xavier returned to the hospital after accomplishing their mission. He was eager to share the exciting news with Alyssa, but he did not summon her when he learned that she was in discussion with Julien in the hospital’s director’s office regarding Lauren’s treatment plan.

Instead, he quietly waited for Alyssa in the guest room next to the office.

After some waiting, he finally saw Alyssa approaching him in light, bouncy steps.


Smiling, he did not have a chance to rise because Alyssa had settled on the space between his spread legs, cupping his face and kissing him passionately.

Her rosy lips brushed against his, and she made out with him with an intense hunger.

His breathing grew heavy. Feeling aroused, he pulled her into his arms and deepened the kiss.

He finally let go of her when she struggled to catch a breath and moaned softly.

Between heavy breaths, he caressed her round and firm rump. He remarked, “Darling, you’re acting weird.”

“What’s wrong?” She lifted his chin and looked at him with dewy eyes.

“You’re so active suddenly. I have a feeling that you’re sucking up to me.” He gently drew circles on her backside. Such a move might look perverse if done by someone else, but Jasper appeared sexy doing it, thanks to his alluring looks.

“It’s not sucking up. It’s called a reward.” She adjusted his rather loose tie with flushed cheeks. “I saw your actions at the press conference today. It was great —very effective. You did the right thing by throwing that test result in Javier’s face to shame him.”

“Too bad the news topped the trending topics and overshadowed the buzz around Zoe Harper.” A dissatisfied gleam flashed across his eyes.

She snickered. “There are plenty of ways to punish Zoe, but what you did was the only best punishment for Javier and Betty.”

“The credit goes to you, not me.” Looking up at her, he spoke in a husky voice,”

Lyse, had you not played the test result on the screen, it wouldn’t be half as shocking and effective.”

She furrowed her brows in confusion. “Me? The screen? Jasper, what are you talking about? I did not play the result on any screen.”

He frowned as well. “Was that not you?”

“Was that not you?” She redirected the question at him.

He shook his head. “That wasn’t me.”

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