Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1886

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1886-Two adorable giant costumed characters holding balloons approached Cyrus and Lauren and stood side by side in front of them. Their silly and adorable look caused Lauren to smile again.

Cyrus looked at the chubby dog character and the pink rabbit character in front of him, feeling like these two were on their first day of work. Their actions seemed stiff and awkward. He almost felt embarrassed for them.

“Can I have a balloon?” Smiling, Lauren reached out her hand toward them.

The dog character was completely stunned, but the pink rabbit immediately reacted, spinning in place and handing the balloon to her.

“Thank you.” Lauren smiled, her face looking rosy.

The pink rabbit hopped around, gesturing enthusiastically for them to take a picture together.

Smiling faintly, Cyrus took out his phone. The pink rabbit led the shy Lauren over and gently placed her in the arms of the dog character.

Wrapped in the warm fur, Lauren couldn’t help but squint her eyes, leaning comfortably against it.

The dog character lifted its heavy arms and embraced her waist, gently pulling her closer.

In that instant, Lauren’s heart skipped a beat. A familiar sensation suddenly overwhelmed her, momentarily leaving her in a daze.

At this moment, on the stage not far away, a singer was singing a ballad song.

The dog character suddenly turned toward Lauren. It extended its hand toward her like a prince, inviting her to dance.

Lauren stared at it blankly and eventually placed her slender hand in its palm.

Following the soft melody, they danced gracefully under the sunlight, ignoring the gaze of others.

Step back, step forward, spin, and spin again.

These familiar dance steps stirred up waves of longing for Landon in Lauren’s heart.

It was as if she had returned to the happy white-green villa, where he taught her to dance under the moonlight. His dance steps were skillful and elegant; meanwhile, she was always awkward. Each time she stepped on his foot, he would gently lift her chin and kiss her deeply before letting go.

“If you master it, we’ll be dance partners for life. Don’t dance for anyone else but me.”

Lauren held her breath, her eyes turning red. Tears welled up, blurring her vision, yet she resisted letting them fall.

Meanwhile, Cyrus, who was recording everything on his phone, felt his heart pounding heavily. He pressed his lips into a straight line, restraining a complex emotion.

At this moment, the lively pink rabbit jumped to his side and draped its hand on his shoulder. It rapidly whispered in his ear, “Mr. Cyrus, I’m Angelina. Remember to send the photos to Mr. Landon later. Thank you.”

“I knew it.” Cyrus smiled helplessly. “You two are quite creative.”

“You knew? When? Was it that obvious?” The pink rabbit covered its mouth with its chubby hands.

Smiling faintly, Cyrus looked at them with eyes revealing an indescribable envy and longing.

At the end of the song, the dog character bent down, gently touching Lauren’s forehead with its head.

He really wanted to speak but was afraid of scaring her away.

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