Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1874

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1874-“In fact, I have long known that Landon inherited Bill’s fine genes. He’s fearless yet clear-headed. Moreover, he became good friends with Jasper, who is an outstanding elite in the business world. His future will only get brighter.

“I was the one who was too harsh in his upbringing. I always made use of Preston to put pressure on him. Not only that, I kept splitting hairs just to prevent his marriage with Ms. Lauren from happening. That was how everything spiraled out of control.

“If I had known that it would come to this, I should have handed the power to Landon and retired long ago. He has always been my ideal successor! It’s all my fault. As I aged, my suspicions grew, and so did my hesitation. The decisiveness that I had when I was young is nowhere in sight now…”

Caspian consoled him immediately. “Please don’t say that. Without your guidance all these years, how could Mr. Landon have lived such a smooth life?

Your strict standards toward Mr. Landon were just your way of training him up.”

Cornelius let out a long sigh. He put his signature down on a few of the transfer documents. Cornelius then called for his attorney, who had been working for him for years. He handed the documents to him and instructed him to hand them over to Landon after the crisis was over.

Right after that, his cell phone rang.

Cornelius saw that the caller was Preston. Initially, he wasn’t planning to answer the call. But he thought about how he was leaving Solana City soon. Every beginning should have an end. So, he answered his phone.

“You haven’t left the country yet, Preston?”

“Dad, you really can’t wait for me to bugger off, huh?” Preston chuckled casually.

Cornelius’ face turned solemn. “It’s late. Why did you call?”

“I heard that you have been packing your things these few days. Are you getting ready to leave Solana City?”

“Yes, I’m planning to leave. The corporation is slowly being transitioned over to Landon. The chaotic situation has also been contained. It’s time for me to retire.”

“You’re leaving, and so am I. We probably won’t have another chance to meet after we part ways this time. I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to see this useless son of yours again.” Preston belittled himself and sighed.

Cornelius furrowed his brows. “I’m not holding any grudges against you. Don’t overthink it.”

“Dad, I’m now at the manor you bought for Mom.”

Preston’s tone suddenly became tender and full of sadness. “Your achievements in business today are also thanks to Mom being a good helper to you. The both of you were also very much in love. Now that you’re about to leave, aren’t you going to take some of Mom’s things with you for remembrance? “I’m also thinking of using this opportunity to see you one last time. If you still see me as your son, you should come and bid me farewell.”

Cornelius pondered over Preston’s suggestion. He then replied in a low voice, “Alright. I’ll head over shortly.”

“I’ll be waiting here for you then.”

Cornelius left with Caspian. Not long after, Sylvia arrived at the Harper residence.

“What? Mr. Cornelius has gone out? Where did he go?” Sylvia probed the butler anxiously.

“I think… he is headed for Primrose Manor.”

Upon hearing the answer, Sylvia turned to leave.

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