Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1873

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1873-Sylvia wasn’t asking for a divorce. It was more like she had declared war against Preston.

Preston was a money-grubber. His employees thought that he would hit the roof and go on a rampage.

To their surprise, he simply gave a cold reply. “Got it,” he said before leaving everyone and heading upstairs.

This level of calmness was unusual. This peculiar response made them shudder and sent chills down their spine.

Preston had just got into his empty room when he received a call from Sylvia.

“Mr. Preston, you’ve been discharged from the hospital, and you’re about to emigrate overseas to enjoy your later years. Isn’t it about time to put the pedal to the metal and get the divorce settled?”

Sylvia spoke with sarcasm. Every word of hers was choking him. “There’s no meaning in dragging it on. The longer you put it off, the more likely I am to blurt something out of my mouth. If I ended up spewing some nonsense, wouldn’t that just add to your predicament?”

Preston picked up a fruit knife from the tea table. He had no expression on his face. He started carving on the expensive rosewood table slowly.

“Syl, we were husband and wife after all. I’ve never ill-treated you all these years after you married into the Harper family. I didn’t intend for us to get to where we are today.

“I still have feelings for you. Could we rethink the divorce agreement? You’re taking away almost every single thing I have. At the end of the day, I’m still a Harper. You need to help retain some of my dignity.”

“Hah, dignity? You’re now handicapped. You’ve lost your shares and your power.

You’re just a useless man. You’re lucky that you still have air in your lungs.

Dignity is a luxury. Would you still need it?”

Sylvia spoke in a voice full of disdain and resentment. “All these years, I was your wife by name. But you have never looked me in the eye. You’ve only treated me like a piece of furniture while you lived a life of debauchery out there!

“Not just that, you even hid the fact that you have azoospermia and pinned it on me for being unable to conceive. Cornelius looked down on me, and the plutocrat ladies in Solana City saw me as a joke. They said that I was like a barren land!

“I’ll be frank with you, Preston. If it wasn’t because you are a Harper, I wouldn’t have married you! Without the Harper family as your crowning glory, you’d be even worse off than a beggar by the roadside.

“I’ve waited for this day for too long! You have until tomorrow morning. If you still refuse to sign the papers, I will go to Cornelius and reason with him. Don’t make me say nasty things about you!”

The call ended.

The room was as silent as a cemetery.

Preston put the knife down calmly. He dialed the number of his trusted secretary, Frank Carsen.

“Gather some men tonight. We’re going to see Cornelius before we leave. This will be the very last time.”

Upon saying that, he got up and exited the room; only an ugly and crooked word was left on the tea table—”Death”.

“Mr. Cornelius, have you really decided to transfer all these to Mr. Landon?”

Cornelius picked up his pen. “Of course I know that. Otherwise, why would I have asked you to get all these done?”

“Mr. Cornelius, Harper Group is what you’ve worked hard for all your life.

Without you, there wouldn’t be Harper Group. Are you sure that you can bear to let go of all your power?”

“I am already on my deathbed. The family business, no matter how big it gets, isn’t something that I can bring with me when I die.”

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