Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1853

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1853-Lauren remembered being aroused by the bumpy ride on Landon’s erection.

She scratched Landon on his back in the heat of the moment, leaving behind red marks.

“Which dress should we pick?” Landon, carrying Lauren in his arms, stood in front of the massive wardrobe. He planted moist kisses on her flushed cheeks.

“Mm. Anything is fine…” Lauren leaned against his sweaty chest and panted.

She struggled to keep her eyes open.

“Is it difficult to make a pick?”

Soon, she gasped from the dizziness as she was plunged into the wardrobe filled with expensive evening dresses. Landon quipped, “I’ll help you out.”

Surrounded by soft fabric, they continued making love and inching toward the climax.

“Ms. Lauren, here’s your teddy bear,” said the maid, who jolted Lauren out of her daze.

Face burning in embarrassment, Lauren turned her back to the maid and covered her cheeks. She replied, “I won’t carry it with me tonight.”

The maid looked worried, knowing that the bear was Lauren’s emotional support stuffed toy. Lauren would lose sleep without the teddy bear with her.

Lauren pressed her lips. “I’m meeting some guests with Dad tonight. They’ll only laugh at me if I bring the teddy bear along.”

The Hodgsons hosted a private cocktail party at their residence that night. Out of consideration of the ongoing gossip about Lauren, they thoughtfully invited only family and close friends to the event. In other words, it could be described as a low-profile pre-wedding event for Freddy and Lauren.

Orlander and Minnie led Freddy to socialize with the guests, enjoying the limelight.

Joseph Lovelace, holding a champagne glass, approached them with Aidan.

Smiling, he said, “Freddy will soon be engaged to Lauren. I will definitely be there at their engagement with a huge gift for him.”

Orlander merrily clinked glasses with Joseph. “You’re Freddy’s godfather. I’ll be sure to send you the first invitation!”

Freddy smiled at Joseph. “Thanks, Joseph.”

When they were chatting away happily, Lauren showed up at the event holding Javier’s arm. She remained uncomfortable at social events. In the past, she had only been able to keep her composure thanks to the company of Jasper, Alyssa, and Landon.

Her heart pumped wildly when she felt the judgmental looks cast by the guests.

“Mr. Javier! Lauren!” Freddy’s eyes lit up when he saw them. Putting down his wine glass, he approached them in great strides. “Welcome! It’s our honor to have you here tonight.”

“Indeed, Javier.” Freddy immediately switched to a first-name basis with Javier.

Then, he fixed an intense look on Lauren’s pale face.

She kept her head low and squirmed under his gaze. She felt uneasy.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and two majestic figures presented themselves. Their imposing air was hard to ignore.

Looking up, Lauren instantly grew emotional when she recognized the man.

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