Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1852

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1852-pOrlander’s act of leaking the news about Freddy and Lauren’s marriage had sent shockwaves through the high society of Solana City. Everyone congratulated the Hodgsons, but they were secretly taunting the family, who had settled for a mentally ill future daughter-in-law just to social climb.

Newton caught wind of the gossip, which added to his opposition to the marriage. When he voiced out his disapproval, Javier would counter him with the way the Harpers had bullied Lauren.

“I vehemently opposed Lauren dating that brat, but you insisted on blessing the wrong match. You sent my beloved daughter to that loser and made her the laughingstock of the city!

“On top of that, you scolded me in front of Jasper and Landon, ignoring my concerns and humiliating me. Look where your love for your granddaughter led to. You made her suffer.”

Newton frowned deeply and let out a frustrated sigh. “Do you think that, as your father, I can’t read your mind? You never really cared for Lauren. All you care about is your ego. You couldn’t get over being insulted.”

Javier clenched his jaw.

“Do you know Freddy Hodgson well? I picked Landon because firstly, Lauren loves him. Secondly, he’s Jasper’s best friend from childhood, and we know him better.

“The Harpers might be a dumpster fire, but Landon is an excellent young man.

You’ve been secretly adding pressure on the Harper Group and messing with their projects.

“Despite that, Landon was able to solve the challenges and keep the company morale high as the president. I believe he is competent enough to carry out a purge in the Harper Group.”

The light in Javier’s eyes dimmed. He had known that Newton, despite being upset about Lauren’s treatment, remained fond of Landon. Newton seemed to want Lauren and Landon back together after his anger subsided.

Now that Jasper had taken control of nearly half of the Beckett Group’s projects, Javier knew it was a matter of time before the transfer of power occurred.

Javier would only suffer another round of humiliation if he couldn’t have a say in Lauren’s marriage.

“Most importantly, Lauren is unlike the others!” Tears welled up in Newton’s eyes when he recalled Lauren’s sufferings. “As her dad, you know how much she loves Landon.

“How could you force her to marry a stranger right after she broke up with Landon? Do you even care for your daughter? Are you out of your mind?”

Gritting his teeth, Javier explained, “Lauren and Freddy attended the same high school for three years. They knew each other well. Besides, she has agreed to the marriage.”

Shell-struck, Newton gasped, “What did you say? Lauren… Did you force her to agree to it?

“Hah. Do I even need to force it on her?” Arching a brow, Javier snapped, “Lauren is all grown up now. She knows the importance of weighing the pros and cons. She is aware that compatibility trumps affection.

“You’re the only one who treats her like a child. Stop claiming that I don’t care about my daughter when you’re so out of tune with your granddaughter.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Glowering, Newton grabbed the teapot from the coffee table and hurled it toward Javier.

This time, Javier learned his lesson. He quickly moved away. The teapot missed him and crashed onto the ground, where it shattered into pieces.

That night, Javier accepted the invitation of the Hodgsons to the Hodgson family party. He planned to bring Lauren along.

A maid delivered the expensive evening dresses that Javier had specially selected for Lauren. Despite their opulence, Lauren didn’t think they suited her.

She poured her love and longing for Landon into the portrait painting, which seemed to help with the pain of separation.

“Ms. Lauren, it’s time to leave. Mr. Javier is waiting for you on the first floor,”

Barry, the butler, said to Lauren from the bedroom door.

She was reminded of the night before she and Landon left for the Schmidt Group event. Naked, she was lifted into his arms as she moaned and sobbed into his shoulder.

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