Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1834

My Hockey Alpha by Eve Above Story

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1834-“Lauren, what in the world are you saying?” Jasper, who was usually calm and composed, reacted in shock. He placed his hands heavily on her shoulders.

“Marriage is not child’s play. This is a matter of your lifelong happiness!

“Do you not know what kind of person Freddy is? Did you not see how he was acting intimately with Zoe? Aren’t you worried that this might be a plot from Zoe to mess with you and Landon?”

Lauren let him shake her shoulders as tears rolled in her eyes along with the shaking.

“Did you really fall out of love with Landon? Look into my eyes and tell me. do you really not love Landon anymore?” Jasper’s brows knitted together tightly as he bombarded her with questions.

“Jasper, I’m a grown woman. I’m no longer the child who locked herself in her room all day, not daring to speak to anyone. I’m no longer the girl whose only companions were drawing blocks and dolls.”

Lauren’s voice was soft, but her resolve was firm. “I know what I’m doing; I know what I want.”

Jasper’s voice trembled. “Is marrying Freddy what you want?”

“Since I can’t be with Landon anymore, who I marry doesn’t matter.”

“Who said that you can’t be together with him? He loves you so much that he can give up everything! As long as you don’t give up…”

“Jasper, I’m tired.”

Lauren’s face sank as she shook her head lifelessly. “If Landon betrayed his family and gave up his inheritance for me. I would never be able to live with this guilt. Even if I stayed with him, I would not feel happy.

“But if I don’t marry into the Hodgson family, I fear I will not have a day of peace.

I’m scared. I’m even more scared that I’ll bring trouble to Landon and hurt Angelina.

“Breaking up. is the best outcome for us.”

Jasper slowly let her go. He couldn’t swallow the bitterness in his throat, just as he couldn’t find any words to say.

That day, when Angelina returned the pearl hair clip to Landon, he became seriously ill. The combination of heartbreak and shock made him throw up blood.

After a checkup at the hospital, they found that he had severe gastritis. It was a result of his irregular schedule and frequent consumption of alcohol during business gatherings.

This time, his gastritis worsened, so he had to be hospitalized.

However, aside from Angelina and Jordan, no one knew about it.

Landon was officially the chairman of Harper Group. However, he didn’t even arrive on time for the very first board meeting.

In the meeting room, Cornelius sat at the main seat and glanced at the empty seat beside him with annoyance.

“This is the first meeting, but Mr. Landon isn’t even here. The audacity…”

“See, “The Tyrant” isn’t an empty title. Now that he’d successfully gained power, eventually, he won’t even give a shit about Mr. Cornelius.”

“It’s too early to joke about this. Mr. Preston was just defeated; he’s not dead yet. If Mr. Landon continues like this, when Mr. Cornelius finally has enough, the position of chairman might belong to Mr. Preston again.”

As Preston listened to the surrounding gossip about Landon, he couldn’t help but grin.

Underneath the table, he was texting Zoe.

“Zoe, I really need to thank you properly about this matter once I have time.”

“You’re too kind, Uncle Preston.”

“It’s just such a shame that I couldn’t kick that little brat from the chairman’s position. The old man still favors him. Truly, what a shame.”

“Uncle Preston, a watched pot never boils. You lose to Landon because you’re too impatient.”

She continued texting, “I heard that Lauren and Landon have broken up.

Landon was so upset that he got hospitalized, but I don’t know what is the cause of his hospitalization. The Beckett family released a statement that they will never let Lauren marry into our family.

“Not only that, Mayor Hodgson and his wife brought Freddy along to the Beckett’s house to ask for Lauren’s hand in marriage. They’ve been quite cozy with each other.

“When Lauren and Freddy have confirmed their wedding date, Landon will be so crushed that he will never recover. He won’t be able to retaliate. By then, it will be your time to take revenge!”

Preston’s eyes shone with excitement. He was about to reply to Zoe when suddenly a loud bang rang through the room, nearly startling him out of his seat.

Landon’s wide shoulders were covered with a sable fur coat. His hands were in the pockets of his black patterned blazer. His domineering yet classy demeanor made everyone hold their breath.

With one kick, the door swung open. Landon bore an expression of indifference and arrogance.

His intimidating presence made Preston look like a pitiful bug that could get squished with just a finger.

“Sorry, I woke up late.” Landon yawned.

Preston saw that he looked alert and healthy. Aside from looking a little pale, he was fine. Preston felt disappointed and chuckled.

“Haha… Mr. Landon, you are really quite impressive. You just took over, and you’re already shaking things up.”

Cornelius frowned. Although the Harper Group was never the most uptight, Landon was too unruly!

“Let’s cancel today’s meeting. Grandpa and Preston can stay. The rest can leave.”

Landon stared at everyone coldly, and his gaze stared daggers at Preston’s enraged, ruddy complexion.

“Landon, this is outrageous. How can you call your uncle by his first name?”

Cornelius glared at him and slapped the table with his palm.

Landon snickered, “Then what should I call him? Prepillon?”

Preston almost choked in anger.

“Landon!” Cornelius banged the table again.

“If you don’t make everyone leave, can you bear to watch what I’ll do later?”

No one said a word in the huge meeting room.

Soon, only the three Harpers were left in the room.

“Landon, why did you make such a big ruckus?” Preston asked angrily.

Landon pulled out a chair and sat leisurely. He tapped his finger against the table without a rhythm, and his smile was sharp and malicious.

“I want Preston to get the fuck out of Harper Group.”

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