Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1832

My Hockey Alpha by Eve Above Story

Can Not Win Me Back Chapter 1832-Lauren curled up in a dust-filled corner. It was the height of summer, but she was so cold that she shivered.

At this time, Freddy, who had been standing aside, quietly walked up to her. He took off his jacket and knelt to cover her shoulders with it.

She was about to say “thank you” when she realized that he was blatantly staring at her chest.

Her small, developing breasts could be seen through her soaked shirt, and even her white bra was visible!

In her panic, she screamed weakly and hugged her chest with her shuddering arms.

“Lauren, let me touch them for a bit, alright? Just a bit, no one will know.”

Freddy said those disgusting words with such sincerity, like a devil’s manipulative persuasion.

When she recalled those memories, it still plunged Lauren into a deep pit of depression and fear.

“I know why you want to marry off Lauren so desperately.”

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