Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 200

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 200-Christine’s POV:

As Charles’ grandmother, I was naturally worried about his relationship with Scarlett.

They already had their own child, and yet they couldn’t make up even after so long.It was like they weren’t even aware that they were parents already!

“Mom, they have their own lives to live, and we shouldn’t interfere with that.Just give them some more time.Charles is my son and I know him well.I’m sure he’ll make up with Scarlett in the end.” Alice put the peeled orange into my hand and tried to comfort me.

“I hope you’re right.” I let out a deep sigh.

The following moment, the butler walked in a hurried pace and bowed to me.

“Mrs.Lively is here to see you.”

“Which Mrs.Lively?”

‘’Have I become too old for this? Why can’t I remember I have a friend with that last name?’’ I wondered.

“It’s Susan Lively, Madame.Mr.Nate Lively’s wife,” answered the butler.

Upon hearing that, Alice and I exchanged glances.We were clearly thinking of the same thing.We were reluctant to meet with Susan.However, I still nodded.

“Send her in.”

After receiving the order, the butler left.

“She’s probably here for something evil.Why do you bother meeting with her?” Alice asked, visibly confused.

I ate a piece of the orange and said, “Eh, I’ve a long and boring day, dear.I’m sure Susan will provide us with some much needed entertainment to pass the time.”

Soon, Susan came in.Her clothes were neat and decent, but they were obviously a style from a different era.She had become pale and gloomy, which was worlds different from how she used to be.

“Ah, Susan! Long time no see.Why do you look so haggard?” Alice asked politely, gesturing Susan to take a seat.

After greeting us with a nod, Susan replied, “There have been too many things lately.Nate is in prison right now, and Lily has been coming to my house, causing trouble from time to time.What’s worse is that the Lively Group is in crisis.It’s been a troubling time for me.Each day that I wake up, I have to face so many problems at once.”

Alice put on a smile.

“Maybe it’s karma.” Susan was taken aback.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she got down on her knees before us.

“Believe me when I say this, I really feel guilty for what happened in the past.Please, give us a chance to atone for our sins! Help us!”

I leaned against the sofa and snorted, “Do we look like fools to you? Why in the world should we help you? Have you forgotten what you’ve done to Charles and Scarlett?”

“We will never do that again! I swear, I won’t let Rita trouble them again!”

Susan shook her head, seemingly desperate.

Alice scoffed at her.

“Nate made the same promise to me, but look at how things turned out!”

“Susan, do you really believe that Rita will listen to you? Much like her father, she’s an impenitent little cunt.Back then, Nate tried to rape Scarlett’s mother.Fortunately, we arrived in time to prevent that tragedy from happening!”

The more I spoke, the angrier I became.

Soon, my chest was heaving up and down.

Alice began stroking my back to comfort me.

“Mom, calm down.”

“Nate has already been punished! And he has given everything to his lover, Lily.He doesn’t care about me and Rita one bit.You shouldn’t blame us for his sins.We’re innocent!”

Tears ran down Susan’s cheeks.

“Innocent, you say? Rita pretended to have cancer and claimed that she didn’t have long to live.She deceived Charles and forced him into situation that he thought he needed to divorce Scarlett.Can you honestly say that she’s innocent? I think she’s the worst of you all! She’ll do any means necessary to achieve her ambitions!”

I pounded on the table, standing up with rage.

The startling noise made Susan tremble with fear, Defeated, and shamed, Susan cried bitterly.

People who had no idea about the truth might think that Alice and I bullied her.

“Butler, see our guest out,” Alice said.

Then, she helped me sit down, and then she poured a glass of water for me.

Susan didn’t want to leave, but in the end, the butler forcefully dragged her away.

“Didn’t you tell me that you just wanted to watch the show? Why did you get furious? You know, I think we shouldn’t see anyone from the Lively family in the future, lest you get mad,”

Alice remarked while massaging my shoulders.

Until now, I was still boiling with rage.

“How dare that stupid woman come to our house and pretend like she’s the victim in all this? Shame on her!”

Scarlett’s POV:

After working for a whole day, I said goodbye to Nina and left the company.

Upon stepping out of the TV station’s gate, I saw Rita and several reporters blocking my way.

As soon as she saw me, she knelt on the ground and stared at me with pleading eyes.

The reporters immediately encircled us and took photos.

Meanwhile, Janet and Tracy stood in front of me.

“Forget it.”

I patted on their shoulders, turned around, and began walking away from Rita.

However, she sprang to her feet and grabbed my hand.

“Scarlett, I’m here to ask for your forgiveness.I have wronged you, and for that, I sincerely apologize.Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

I glanced at the reporters around us and shook off her hands with a smile.

“What do you want me to forgive you for? Is it the fact that you hired someone to kill me? Or for trying to make me miscarry my baby and stage it like an accident?”

Right after I said that, the reporters burst into an uproar, looking at Rita in astonishment.

Rita froze for a moment, and she almost failed to continue with her acting.

But to my surprise, she was able to go on being a hypocrite.

“Those are just misunderstandings, Scarlett.Please, have mercy on me and help the Lively Group!”

“When you hired someone to kill me, did you show me or my child any mercy?”

I was smiling, but my eyes were as frigid as a frozen tundra, and I was staring daggers at Rita.

My gaze was enough to leave her trembling with fear as she was about to kowtow before me.

“Stop her!” I commanded.

Janet and Tracy grabbed Rita’s arms and lifted her up.

Slowly, I walked forward and leaned close to Rita’s ear.

Every word that I uttered was laden with hatred.

“I hope the Lively Group disappears from the face of the earth.Would you like me to fan the flames and speed up its destruction?” Rita stared at me, dumbfounded.

She couldn’t utter a word, so I just walked away.

The following day, my name was on the top searches again.

I read the news while drinking coffee.

The media had reported that I remained unmoved even when Rita had humbled herself before me and apologized.

In the comments section, netizens came up with their own theories, and they left me amazed.

It was true that human imagination was boundless.

During the afternoon, William came to discuss the modification of the program with me.

We had been talking for quite a while now, but we still hadn’t reached the same page.

After glancing at his watch, he said, “It’s quite late now.Shall we continue our discussion over dinner?”

“Sounds lovely.Perhaps we should ask Nina to join us.Maybe she can come up with some good suggestions regarding the questions we raised,” I answered.

“Are you scared of being alone with me in private or something?” William asked gently.

I was caught off-guard by his remark, but I managed to compose myself.

“Of course, not.Well, if you mind it, then let’s just go on ahead!”

“I’m just kidding, Scarlett.I’ll go get my car.I’ll wait for you two at the entrance.”

Having said that, William left.

I was relieved at how things turned out.

Each time I interacted with William, I couldn’t help but think of Charles’ warning.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the three of us chatted while eating, and the whole dinner was a delight.

During the meal, I went to the bathroom.

On my way back to our table, I heard a familiar voice coming from a private room I had just passed.

Just then, the waiter opened the door and served the dishes.

I accidentally glanced inside the room and saw Rita toasting to a middle-aged man.

She happened to glance at the door.

Upon seeing me, her face changed dramatically.

After saying something to the middle-aged man, she put down her glass and walked towards me.

“Scarlett, have you been following me?” she asked, displaying her hostility.

At first, her words left me confused, and then I laughed at her.

“Don’t flatter yourself! It’s just a coincidence that I’m here, too.Maybe because you did so many bad things in the past that God directed me here just so I could see how low you have gone.”

Rita gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this! You didn’t see me here today, got it? Scarlett, do you understand?”

“I will not retaliate unless I’m being attacked.There’s no need to worry.As long as you don’t do anything to offend me, I won’t waste my time on you.”

With that, I waved my hand in dismissal and walked into my private room.

There, I saw an unexpected guest in the room that left me stupefied.

“Charles? What are you doing here?”

Charles was sitting at my original seat, staring at me.

“Am I not allowed to be here?”

Before I could say anything, Rita walked past me and entered the room.It seemed that she had followed me here.

“What a coincidence! I see that Charles is here, as well.Well, since we’re all here by chance, why don’t we all eat together?”

As she spoke, she pulled out the chair next to Charles, intending to sit down.

I found it amusing, hilarious even, so I leaned against the door of the room, quietly watching her theatrics.

Charles reached his hand out to stop Rita.

“Sorry, but I lose my appetite whenever I see you.”

Rita froze for a moment and then she forced a smile.

“In that case, I won’t trouble you any longer. My mother and I are having dinner with an important guest.I should go back to them.”

Dejected, she went out of the room.

Instead of closing the door immediately, I shot Charles a glance and asked, “What about you? Why are you still here?”

Before Charles could respond, William said, “Charles, since you’re having dinner with a client, we won’t keep you here.”

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