Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 853

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 853-Fenris denied his guess just as quickly as his speculation came to him.

The entire school, and perhaps the whole of Cittadel, knew that Jessamine was the woman who had Alexander’s heart. Her children were the only ones who would be a part of the Griffith Family.

Fenris could only blame it on his bad luck, having to bump into Alexander when the latter happened to have taken the injustice he was witnessing personally.

The principal, Santiago Lopez, had hurried over just two minutes after.

“I wasn’t aware that you had come, Mr. Griffith! Please forgive us for the poor reception!” Santiago was on his way to the washroom when he heard that Alexander wanted to demolish the school. He had rushed over here instead despite the ongoing war in his belly.

“Say no more.” Alexander raised a hand and cut him off. “Mr. Lopez, I have always respected your school. I didn’t insist when the Dean rejected my request to have two more students in the honors class. However, Mr. Zorn hasn’t even gotten to the bottom of things, and he is about to expel my friend’s children. He made me watch him break his promise, and even threatened me to mind my own business. I am now frightened and traumatized. It shouldn’t be too much to request for the school to expel both him and his grandson, right?”

“Ha…” Irvin was rendered speechless upon hearing that. He had never known anyone who was so cheeky when they were ‘traumatized’.

Still, it pleased the boy to watch the scene unfold. Alexander suddenly didn’t feel all that unfamiliar to Irvin all of a sudden.

“Rubbish!” Fenris was so angry his eyes went wide as he pointed at Alexander and retorted, “Don’t listen to him, Mr. Lopez! I have been nothing but respectful to Mr. Griffith! Also, how can an adult get hurt emotionally so easily? He is blatantly blackmailing us!”

Upon hearing that, Alexander raised his eyebrows and swiftly pressed a hand on his chest. He then showed a startled expression as he shivered with a frown on his face. “Geez. My poor, feeble heart is freaking out again. Please be gentle, Mr. Zorn…”

“Huh?” Fenris was confused by Alexander’s unexpected reaction. Is he possessed? he wondered.

“Hehe…” Alexia quickly covered her mouth when she let a laugh slip while watching Alexander.

Mr. Handsome is so cute! I wanna kiss him!

Unexpectedly, Alexander turned to face the principal, his stern expression returning to his face. “Do you believe me now, Mr. Lopez? He dared to threaten me in front of you. You can imagine how bold he is when you are not looking. You will be doing the staff team a favor by firing such a person.What do you think?”

Santiago’s smile looked extremely embarrassed then. Everyone could see that Alexander was only pretending just now. In fact, he didn’t even want to properly act it out.

His intention was obvious—he wanted to frame the vice-principal, and he wanted to be cutthroat about it.

Even though Santiago wanted to protect his staff, he couldn’t possibly do anything to Alexander, whose influence in Cittadel was widespread. Alexander’s words were the law.

In a way, Alexander was the devil incarnate.

No one would dare disobey his words.

“You are right, Mr. Griffith. Someone malevolent like him has no right to be a part of this school. I will write a draft of the letter of dismissal right this instant!”

Afraid that this incident would cause harm to the rest of the school, Santiago scrambled over to work on the computer himself.

Fenris could only helplessly watch Santiago type out each word as he stood next to him. With each word, his heart felt a little colder. His vision finally went black, and he leaned against the desk before slumping to the floor.

After a few minutes, Santiago printed out the termination letter and handed it to Alexander with both hands. “Please have a look, Mr. Griffith.”

Alexander lowered his eyes and took a look before he nodded in satisfaction. He then changed the topic by asking, “What about the student who bullies his classmates?”

“Rest assured!” Santiago thumped his chest to reassure Alexander. “I have deleted his application!”

It was only then that Alexander was satisfied. “Since the matter is resolved, I will stop disturbing you now. I happened to have an engagement with Miss White. I can take the children with me, yes?”

“Go ahead! No problem at all.”

Santiago proceeded to scurry ahead to help Irvin carry his bag.

Alexander then brought the children along as they headed outside.

Irvin had reached the door when he suddenly made a u-turn and took out an invoice from the technopole before politely handing it to Santiago.

“What is this, Irvin?” Santiago asked.

“Mr. Zorn smashed my laptop earlier. He promised to double the compensation. Ms. Dolly heard it too. Please be our middleman and help me collect the compensation, Mr. Lopez.”

After he said that, Irvin gave a respectful bow and turned around.

Looking at the child running outside, Santiago dazedly blinked as he mused about how well-mannered Irvin was.

After a while, he opened the invoice, and was instantly on his guard.

“Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million… Six million?!”

Doubling that would make it 12 million!

Flabbergasted, Santiago looked at the sluggish vice-principal on the floor, and he shook his head in disappointment.

Oh Fenris, because of your stubbornness, you won’t be able to pay the sum even if you used up your lifetime’s salary!

At the same time, Alexander was walking through the empty hallway with the children in tow when he came to an abrupt stop.

His solemn eyes were on Irvin as he questioned, “Why didn’t you just compromise when Mr. Zorn asked for mercy earlier?”

Irvin looked back at him with a curious gaze. “Are you speaking up for him?”

“Answer me,” Alexander demanded. The pressure oozing out of him made it hard for people to not do as he said.

“First and foremost, they were the ones who picked a fight. I already went easy on them by not laying my hands on them. Secondly, Mr. Zorn has had many chances to find out the truth, but he never did anything. And thirdly, being soft on the enemy means being cruel to myself and my family. I had no reason to back down.” Irvin’s face was unchanging as he fearlessly explained.

Hearing that, Alexander asked, “Did Mommy teach you that?” His face remained emotionless.

“I learned it from books I read,” Irvin told him as it was. “Reading can take one anywhere and everywhere. I have read countless books. Even though it is not worth mentioning, I do know my thing.”

A smile finally broke on Alexander’s face when he heard those words. “It is great that you have your own thoughts.”

Hearing that, Alexia hopped and caught him by the sleeve. “What about me?!”

His smile only grew sweeter and wider as he picked Alexia up. “You are the best, Lexi. You are so brave for not crying even though you were bullied. How about I bring you to Mommy now, hmm?”


Sierra Hotel VIP private room.

After a waiter opened the door to the private room, Danny stalked in with wide steps and took a look around the room. He then took out his phone while grumpily muttering to himself, “Why isn’t that punk here yet?”

He was in the middle of giving Jamie a call when a timid voice rang out from inside the room.

“Shh! Hey!”

Bewildered, Danny went in the direction the voice came for. He finally found Jamie, who had half his head peeking out from under the table.

“What the h*ll are you doing, acting like a Ninja Turtle?” Danny was surprised by his friend.


Jamie turned to look at the table behind him. I do look like one now.

He smacked his lips together bashfully before asking in a mysterious voice, “Were you followed on your way here?”

He stretched his neck to peek left and right as he spoke.

“I wasn’t,” Danny deadpanned. “Quickly get out of there. It is dirty under the table!”

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