Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Miss Bad Breath

Elise tried to recall in her mind but she didn’t remember meeting this person before. “I’m sorry, but there were just way too many people who attended the ancestral recognition ceremony. I don’t have a good memory either, so I can’t quite recall things. May I know your name?”

Since she had addressed Elise as Miss Anderson, they must have met each other at the Anderson Residence. The girl heard her words and revealed a deep smile. Then, she flicked her long hair, which had fallen to the front of her chest, to the back while revealing the precious jewelry she wore on her hands and her neck.

“My name is Sophie Bowen. I’m Alexander’s cousin and we’ve met a few times before at the Griffith Residence.” She placed a hand on her chest with a smug expression and seemed to be intentionally trying to show off the jade ring on her hand.

Then, Elise nodded with a thoughtful look. Cousin? She must be some random distant relative then. Looks like she’s here to find fault with me.

“Your ring looks beautiful.” She smiled subtly before complimenting the girl.

As soon as she finished her sentence, she heard Sophie mentioning in an ambiguous tone, “It’s important for one to know their position. Some people have already known that they have an ill-fated life, yet they refused to stay in the countryside. Well, they still insisted on coming out and causing trouble for others. The Griffith Family had such a legendary background, but she managed to cause the downfall of both the family and its members. Look at her now; she has subsequently sunk her claws into Kenneth Bailey and seduced him with her wily moves. In actual fact, she’s just a joke in the eyes of others.”

The smile on Elise’s face gradually disappeared before it was replaced by a cold glint that flashed across her eyes. “Miss Sophie, you were merely an insignificant being previously, but today, I reckon you’ll leave a long-lasting impression on me forever because of the overpowering stench originating from your foul words, Miss Bad Breath.”

Meanwhile, Sophie was angered to the point where her face flushed red. “Shut up! Who are you calling foul?! I don’t even have bad breath!”

At the same time, her companions spoke up for her too.

“It’s hard for these country bumpkins to learn manners. Look at how she easily comes up with such hurtful words.”

“That’s right. This is too much! The chess match is about to start. If you don’t wish to be utterly humiliated, you should quickly get lost!”

Then, Sophie saw her girl squad banding together to help her deal with Elise, which resulted in the dark look in her eyes gradually dissipating. I hope that she gets eliminated from the chess match! It doesn’t mean a thing even if Kenneth Bailey has chosen her!

Anyone who wanted to join the gathering had to participate in the chess match and it was a rule that had been passed on since the start of this gathering. Even if she was Kenneth’s woman, there was no special exemption for her either. If she lost, she would regardlessly be kicked out of the gathering.

I’ll wait and see how she would still have the nerve to continue showing off in our circle after today’s embarrassing situation!

Sophie thought of this and she couldn’t help smirking. However, she feigned an act of standing up for Elise. “Stop your speculation. She didn’t ask to be brought up in the countryside for such a long time. Whoever that is assigned to play against her in the match later better not take it too seriously. After all, she’s my cousin’s fiancée, so we have to consider his image too.”

Her companions then laughed out loud. “Sophie, you’re putting us in a tight spot with this request. Even if we give her some leeway, she has to know the basic step of how to deflect us. Besides, the match will be broadcasted live on the Internet so to the people watching, it may seem like we’re intentionally insulting her by letting her win.”

At that point, Elise lifted her brow and sneered. Insult to me?! Them?! Hah! They must be daydreaming! Even if they worked together and came at me all at once, they would be no match for me at all!

She was indeed here to make a fool of herself but sometimes, once one had made up his or her mind to do something but ended up being defined otherwise by others, it would be likely that the person would no longer be willing to do it. This could be described by the example of one intending to do the dishes but being pestered to do so by her partner; obviously, she would be adamant not to do the dishes for that day.

To Elise, she was fine with being taken for a fool. However, now that they intended to make a fool out of her, the foolish person in front of them was about to lose her temper.

As such, she changed her mind.

She lifted her hand to flick her fringe, which had fallen in front of her, to the back as she smiled with a meaningful look in her eyes. “Since you guys are great at chess, then you must give me a chance to play with you later.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Kenneth returned for her as well. He saw from afar that she had been stopped by a group of people, so he purposely fastened his footsteps.

He moved forward by a step and stood protectively in front of Elise. As he did so, he faced the group of ladies and kept Elise apart from them while his pair of evil-looking dark eyes coldly scrutinized Sophie and her gang.

Each of them suddenly felt a shiver running down their spine and they hastily shifted their gaze while silently gulping as they stood by the side.

It was Sophie who calmed down first and she took advantage of her identity as Alexander’s cousin to initiate the conversation with Kenneth. “Hi, Mr. Bailey. I’m Sophie. My cousin, Alexander Griffith, used to be a member of this organization, so I’m not sure whether you guys might have known—”

Before Sophie could even finish her sentence, Kenneth suddenly turned his face in the other direction and spoke in a soft and gentle voice to Elise, “Are they finding fault with you?”

Sophie’s hand had remained suspended in mid-air awkwardly as she looked at his tentative behavior around Elise. Now that she was angered, she retracted her hand and clenched both hands into a fist as her fingernails were practically embedded deep in her flesh.

In the past, she had been infatuated with Alexander for many years, but he was too outstanding for her to summon the courage to confess her love to him. Afterward, he had introduced Elise to the entire family, so Sophie could only lament her unfortunate self.

However, she maintained her intense displeasure toward Elise and couldn’t quite comprehend how an uncultured girl from the countryside could be a match for her.

After she had heard of how Alexander had broken off with the Griffiths for Elise, Sophie was tempted to rush to the Griffith Residence and confess her feelings, but she never mustered up the courage to do so in the end.

She had exercised a lot of effort to enter this organization in an attempt to be closer to Alexander. Meanwhile, she had encountered Kenneth here and he triggered the flames of passion within her instead.

However, even Kenneth was now being snatched by Elise. Sophie thought, Why does Elise always go after someone else’s favorite?!

At this moment, the hatred within Sophie consumed her and caused her eyes to bulge with horror. She tightly clenched her teeth and the sound of her teeth grinding each other was audible.

“No, we’re not monkeys that haven’t gone through evolution! The refined wouldn’t be finding fault with anyone on such an occasion. We were just talking about chess.”

Elise said this with a matter-of-fact look directed toward Sophie and her companions. Elise didn’t even realize that Kenneth was merely less than a fist bump away from her as he spoke.

“That’s good to know.” He nodded slightly and trusted her words without any hesitation. Then, he changed the topic. “I have a friend waiting over there, so let’s head over.”

She nodded and walked off with him.

As soon as the two of them walked off, Sophie and her girl squad immediately burst into a commotion.

“What?! Is Mr. Bailey actually serious about that uncultured girl?! Is being good-looking sufficient to cover every other flaw?! He should be afraid of catching some venereal disease.”

“Well, honestly, she is quite pretty.”

“If I could gain such beautiful looks after a jaunt in the countryside, I would definitely be the first to head there! By then, Kenneth will belong to me—”

“Forget about it! There’s no way of becoming beautiful after staying in the countryside, but you’ll definitely come back riddled with all sorts of bacterial infections and diseases. Your whole body will be full of skin lesions!” Sophie was angered by their words and she suddenly lashed out at them.

Her girl squad was suddenly stunned into silence.

This was the first time that they had ever seen Sophie lose her top like this. Their usual impression of her was that she was a gentle and soft-spoken girl.

Nonetheless, they were good friends after all, so they exchanged looks with each other and quickly seemed to catch on to the fact that Sophie was jealous!

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