Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 304

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 304

You Can Forget About Living!When Elise saw Alexander, she couldn’t control her emotions and burst into tears in an instant. “Alexander…” She called out his name, her voice stuck in her throat. She didn’t need to say anything more, and neither did he. He took a step forward. “Elise, I’m sorry. I’m the reason you’re suffering such a grievance again…” Elise’s head shot up abruptly. She didn’t expect that at such a moment, Alexander would still believe her so unconditionally! Elise was then pushed forward by the police. Alexander called and ordered Cameron to go to the hospital, at the same time notified Danny and the others.

Then, he went to the police station to hand in his call record with Matthew. Nevertheless, the police refused his evidence. “You were the one who didn’t hold Matthew accountable in the first place, but now you want to conclude that Matthew did all this with just a single phone call? That’s just wishful thinking!” Alexander was the president of the Griffith Group, and he was a highly-praised entrepreneur in Athesea. For some reason, the media had been alarmed about this, so it was hard even if he wanted to get them to accept it for his sake. Alexander was indeed powerless to fight back.

When Elise gave her testimony, she told them that she opened the door upon hearing a knock, then she saw Madeline’s back, so she chased after her, only to find her lying in a pool of blood in the restroom. The police wanted to look through the surveillance footage, but the surveillance camera was damaged. There were even some netizens who immediately placed the blame on Quentin. ‘Why did something happen to Mrs. Griffith? Isn’t it because she stopped Elise from being with her son? As Elise’s financial backer, Quentin must be unable to sit still.’ ‘Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that he asked to meet for dinner, and why did this happen to Madeline in this restaurant, of all places?’

‘It’s already the 21st century, yet he still dared to perform this kind of illegal act. He must be severely punished!’ The netizens didn’t fail to criticize Elise and Quentin on the Internet, so much so that Quentin was detained for investigation. At the crime scene, the forensic detective only found the fingerprints of Elise and Madeline, and no one else had been there during that period of time. Everything pointed to Elise as the murderer! Jamie even rushed to the police station to claim that there was an ulterior motive behind the accusations made against Elise.

“Elise, I really didn’t expect you to be so vicious! Didn’t my godmother just say some things about you because she likes me and not you? Why’d you have to do this to her? I’m telling you: If my godmother dies, Elise, you can forget about living too!” “This is still a police station. What nonsense are you going on about?” A police officer instantly disapproved of Maya’s statements. Elise’s head pounded when she heard the sobs. Never in a million years would she have thought that she would meet such a misfortune. Right now, it was futile to even explain herself! All she could do was hire a lawyer to defend her, but the date of the trial was yet to be determined.

Undoubtedly, the person who was most satisfied with this outcome was Matthew. Alexander tried to contact him, but ever since Matthew made that phone call, there was no trace of him anymore, and he wouldn’t pick up any of his calls. Feeling helpless, Alexander could only send text messages. ‘Matthew, if your enemies are me and my mother, why did you have to involve Elise? She’s innocent.’ Matthew saw it, but he just didn’t reply. Beside him, Heather was worried as she watched him wordlessly hold a bottle of red wine. “I know what you’re thinking, but Alexander isn’t someone to be provoked.

What if—” “What are you afraid of? This matter has nothing to do with you. Even if Alexander finds you, he can’t do anything to you,” Matthew sneered when he saw the worried look on her face. He had established himself and left the Griffith Family. He had clearly prepared everything carefully. As long as Alexander died and he killed off those people, the Griffith Family would belong to him alone, and no one would look down on him anymore. However, he never expected that Jonah would get in the car… He never wanted Jonah to die.

Alexander and the others regarded him as a criminal, but what was his crime? Being born into the wrong family? But, did he know that his mother was his father’s lover? If he had known that he would be born as an illegitimate child, then he would have rather not lived. He obviously deserved a part of everything, but it was miles away from his grasp, and even the person he loved went to Alexander. Why should he be a target of scorn? Since he was having a hard time, Alexander could also forget about having a good life! When Heather saw the look in Matthew’s eyes getting increasingly fiercer, she understood. Pursing her lips, she walked to Matthew’s side and sat down, then leaned on his shoulder.

“I’m not worried about myself, Matthew. I’m worried about you. I love you, so I can do anything for you, even if it means I have to die, but I can’t just watch you lose your life. The person you’re hurting now is the person closest to Alexander, and she’s someone he loves!” “When Madeline forced my mother to the verge of death, she should’ve thought that she would meet such an end,” Matthew snapped, not taking this situation seriously at all. When he mentioned Elise again, there was a trace of evilness in his cold voice. “No matter how I persuaded her, she wouldn’t listen.

So, I’ll teach her a lesson and let her see Alexander’s true colors!” Hearing that, Heather stopped talking because she knew that Matthew wasn’t trying to teach Elise a lesson. Instead, he wanted her to compromise with him, and he wanted her to realize how good he was. Because Matthew was deeply in love with Elise! … At the police station, when Elise saw Jamie, she went straight to the point. “Find me the best lawyer, then bring out my properties and all my various identities.” “Boss…” Elise would never show off her identity and properties; she would never prove it to anyone.

Right now, her situation was terrible. “It’s impossible to operate without someone backing me up. Follow up on the matter, and find out where Alexander’s mother’s car is, as well as where she’s been and who she met with in the past two days. If you encounter any problems, you can go to Alexander,” Elise instructed Jamie. As soon as she said that, she received a signal from the police, so she walked back in. Watching Elise’s back, Jamie wiped his tears away.

If his boss hadn’t fallen in love and didn’t have a man, she wouldn’t have had to deal with so much trouble. But, she had already made a choice, so there was no use for him to say anything now. The most important thing now was to bail her out first. Jamie went to investigate according to Elise’s instructions. The person he was going to investigate was Madeline, and she was now lying in the ICU with serious injuries.

Jamie couldn’t follow up with her, so he could only call Alexander. When Alexander picked up, he had just arrived at the hospital, and he didn’t want to miss any calls during the crucial period. “Uh… my boss asked me to check your mother’s whereabouts for the past two days. But my scope is limited.”

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