Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 686

Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 686

Rose’s Limits

Sonia inspected the bangle in utter confusion. Then, she returned the bangle back into the box before she took her phone and found Toby’s phone number, ready to call and ask him for clarification. However, as her finger hovered above the dialing button, she suddenly remembered Tom had said earlier that Toby was having a chat with his grandmother.

So, it was inappropriate for Sonia to call now. Forget it, we’ll talk about it in the afternoon. We have to meet again in the afternoon anyway.

Then, she closed the box, placed it into a drawer and locked it. After all, it was an antique item with probably a significant value. If it was lost, she simply couldn’t afford to pay for it with her current financial resources.

After safely locking the bangle, she threw the key into her bag before she picked up a file and started to busy herself with the document.

At the same time, all the staff who had received benefits from Sonia and Toby posted on social media platforms to thank them for the gifts and wishing them everlasting happiness. If only one person had posted it, it certainly wouldn’t have attracted the public’s attention. However, as more people wrote about it, the major media outlets soon noticed it and guessed that Sonia and Toby had indeed reconciled, resulting in them presenting their respective employees with gifts as a celebration.

As such, news about Sonia and Toby’s reconciliation immediately made it to the headlines on all major social media platforms.

There were already media reports circulating a few days ago that the two might be back together, but since neither one of them came forward to admit or deny it, it was uncertain as to whether they were really together or not. Nevertheless, most people were convinced that the two had indeed reconciled. Otherwise, why didn’t the parties concerned come out to clarify the situation? Their silence only led to the suspicion that there was something fishy going on.

So, now that the media released the news that the two were indeed back together, not many were surprised. After all, most people had long guessed it and mentally prepared for it ages ago. The media’s confirmation only served to validate their guesses.

As for opinions, there were many differing views on Toby and Sonia’s reunion. While there were blessings, there was also hate speech. In short, the divergence in public opinion was quite massive.

In the hospital, Tom looked at Toby staring at his phone before cautiously asking, “President Fuller, why don’t I call these media platforms and ask them to ban these accounts making hate speech?”

Toby narrowed his eyes. “No need.”

“Are you going to tolerate them talking bad about you and Miss Reed on the Internet?” Tom was surprised.

“Do you think I am that kind of person?” Toby raised his eyes and looked at him coolly.

“No!” Tom immediately shook his head as he was well aware of Toby’s vengefulness. Allowing people to walk all over him was definitely not Toby’s style, but Tom couldn’t figure out what Toby was planning to do!

Seeming to know what Tom was thinking, Toby smiled a little. “If these people like to talk bad about us so much, then I’ll have to force them to give me their blessings.”

“President Fuller, do you mean—”

“There’s some sort of online activity where one does raffles for reshares, right? Make one. As long as a user reshares and writes something positive about us, they will have a chance to win prizes. Do you think they will refuse to do it?”

At that, Tom’s eyes brightened. “That’s a good idea. I got it, President Fuller. I’ll arrange it.”

Toby grunted. “Go.”

So, Tom nodded and went out. After he left, it was only Toby and a sleeping Rose on the hospital bed left in the ward. As he adjusted her quilt, a trace of guilt passed his eyes as he gazed down at the elderly woman.

Because of his affairs this year, his grandmother had been so anxious that she had aged a lot. She had previously maintained her looks exceptionally well and even her hair was still salt and pepper, but now, there wasn’t even a strand of black on her head at all. The doctor said that the reason why Rose’s aging process had suddenly accelerated was because of her frequent exposure to stress. Moreover, she was worried all the time and along with several stressful shocks, it caused her health to deteriorate. At first, she could live quite a long life, but now, her lifespan had been drastically shortened.

Thinking of this, Toby held the old woman’s hand and blamed himself.

Rose seemed to feel his bad mood as she slowly opened her eyes. “Toby.”

“Grandma.” When he heard her voice, he quickly gathered his emotions and straightened his posture to look at her. “You’re awake?”

Rose nodded. “Help me to sit up.”

“Sleep a little longer.” Toby frowned and advised, “You have only been asleep for a short time.”

“I’m not going to sleep.” She shook her head in refusal. “I’m old and can’t sleep well. Help me get up; I feel stiff from lying down all day.”

Seeing that the old lady had insisted on sitting up, he had no choice but to follow her wishes. After he helped her up, he stuffed a pillow behind her back so that she could lean back in comfort.

Once Rose was properly seated, Toby released her and turned around to pour a glass of water for her.

Then, she rubbed her brow and asked, “Where is Mary?”

“Mary went back to the house to make some soup for you and will be back later.” He poured the water and returned to the bedside to put a straw in the cup. “Here, Grandma, drink some water.”

She smiled in reassurance. “Alright.”

Once she drank the water, he took the cup away while she wiped the corner of her mouth and said, “Toby, I’m fine now. You should head back first since the company cannot do without you.”

“It’s okay, Grandma. Don’t worry.” Toby sat down again.

While rearranging the quilt for Rose, he continued, “It’s fine for me not to go in for a day. It’s such a large company with many employees. If no one can support the company in my absence, then why did I hire them?”

“You brat.” She laughed at his words, but her heart felt warm as she knew that her grandson did not leave because he wanted to stay here with her. Since that was the case, she wouldn’t drive him away.

“Toby, I heard what you said to the doctor just now.” Rose folded her hands on her stomach and suddenly spoke. Although she was in her twilight years, her grace and elegance had still remained. Every movement of hers, albeit exceptionally slow, was still so pleasing to the eye. This was probably what ‘aged like fine wine’ looked like.

When Toby heard Rose’s words, his pupils contracted slightly. “Grandma, you—”

Rose smiled faintly and interrupted, “Don’t be annoyed. Look at me; I’m not agitated either after hearing that I can only live for a couple more years.”

He lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Then, she suddenly patted him on the shoulder. “Cheer up. You’re not behaving like my high-spirited grandson when you look like that.”

“Sorry, Grandma.” Toby pursed his lips.

“What is there to be sorry for?” She beamed in response. “The matter of life and death is predetermined. I have lived for so many years and that’s already enough. Besides, Toby, I miss your grandfather.”

Toby had intended to place Rose in a nursing home to receive the best care so that she could live longer, but her words made him swallow such words. Grandma misses Grandpa.

What else could he say? How could he have the heart to stop her from thinking about his grandfather? How could he prevent her from thinking about meeting his grandfather up there? For someone who loved her husband, this would just be making things difficult for her.

Seeing Toby’s tense expression, Rose chuckled. “Toby, stop frowning. You look terrible like that and you might even have wrinkles from all the frowning. Sonia won’t like it then. After all, you’re older than Sonia, so if you have wrinkles now, you two won’t look like a couple when you stand together. Rather, you guys will resemble a father and daughter instead. Even if Sonia doesn’t dislike it, people will say you’re not good enough for her.”

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