Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 1407

Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 1407

“Of course.” Mary agreed to the suggestion. “He did nothing wrong, but he still kept a secret from you. What’s more, he helped another woman too. You should teach him a lesson. He can stand for now.”

Sonia grunted.

Mary got up. “So, what would you like, Young Mistress Sonia? I’ll make it right away.”

“Um…” The light in Sonia’s eyes dimmed. “I’d like some seafood aglio olio.”

That was the last meal she had with her father. He asked her if she really wanted to marry Toby, and she happily nodded. She told him Toby was the only one she would marry in this life, and her father said nothing more. He made her a plate of seafood aglio olio and told her to be happy, to be strong, and to protect herself.

Her father told her a lot of things. Even common sense like drinking more water on hot days and wearing a few more layers on colder days. Sonia thought her father was treating her like a little girl, and it was cute. It’s not like I won’t be coming home after I get married. You don’t have to go so far, Dad. She was amused and thought her father was telling her so much because she was getting married.

However, now she knew her father only said so much because that was the last time they would see each other. Not long after that, her father committed suicide, and she was at the Fuller residence, languishing under the reign of Jean. She was so busy that she didn’t have time to check her phone or laptop. She had heard the news of her father’s demise when Jean was watching some TV. The world around her seemed to shatter at that moment. The mop she was holding fell to the ground, and she ran out of the residence without even taking her apron off.

However, Jean told her to get back to work, forbidding her from seeing her father. She even ordered her servants to stop her. Because of them, when she got to Paradigm, her father had already jumped off the building, and she couldn’t even see him for the last time. Since then, she hated Jean’s guts. Even after she was punished severely by Rose, Sonia’s hate for her was still unabated. It was already kind enough of her not to put Jean on her list of people she would absolutely ruin. I miss Dad. I want some seafood aglio olio.

Mary didn’t know about the story behind that request. She was just happy Sonia wanted to eat. Before this, she would puke every time she tried to eat. It was good news that she wanted to eat something now, and Mary happily went to the kitchen.

Sonia leaned on her bed, staring outside the window in silence.

Toby was still outside the ward. It had been a while since Mary went inside, yet there was no commotion, and Mary didn’t come out either. Sonia’s fine. He heaved a sigh of relief. Standing up all this time was exhausting, so he sat down. There were heaters installed on this story of the building so even though he was alone, Toby didn’t feel cold.

Sounds of footsteps echoed across the corridor, and Toby raised his head. His bodyguards approached him. “Sir. That woman wants to see you.”

“Request denied.” Toby pursed his lips.

That woman ruined our relationship. Before Little Leaf forgives me, I’m not seeing that woman. She had better relish her last moments of peace. I’m sending her to hell soon. Yet, she wishes to shorten her days of quiet. Doesn’t she know I’m furious? If I were to see her now, I might just snap her neck. “Keep a close eye on her. Do not let her escape. If you fail, then I shall destroy you.” Toby looked at the bodyguards coldly.

The bodyguards shuddered while nodding. “Of course, sir. We’ll not repeat the mistakes of Yon and Go.”

Yon and Go were the bodyguards who were supposed to keep an eye on the Fuller Residence and this whole floor, but they had been sent back to the security company for punishment. These bodyguards had just been switched here a while ago.

“Good. Leave.” Toby waved his hand dismissively.

The bodyguards left, and Toby leaned on the bench. Not long after he closed his eyes, someone else came. This time, it was Tim.

He took a seat on the bench across from Toby’s and crossed his legs. “Never seen you this dejected.”

Toby opened his eyes and looked at him for a moment, then he closed his eyes again, refusing to talk to him.

Tim shrugged it off. He whipped out a scalpel from his pocket and fiddled with it. “Trifecta Hospital just called us. Guess what they said?”

Toby frowned, but he said nothing.

Tim laughed. “Titus was taken to the hospital again. They knew we wouldn’t take him, so his wife took him to Trifecta. The hospital wanted his medical records, so they called. Nephrology told me, but I refused. I’ve been wondering why Taylor wanted to talk to Sonia, so this is why.”

“Even without Titus’ case, she’d come sooner or later,” Toby said.

Tim nodded. “True.”

He looked at the closed door. “Looks like she still hasn’t forgiven you just yet. Won’t even let you in, huh?”

Toby finally shot him a look. “So? This is just temporary. We’ll patch things up sooner or later.”

“You don’t know the exact time, do you?” Tim smirked.

Toby shut up. He pursed his lips and let his anger run around a little. He’s here to laugh at me, isn’t he?

“It’s late. We’ll talk later. For now, I need to check on her.” Tim stood up and knocked on Sonia’s door. Then he said, “It’s me. Tim.”

Mary opened the door and happily invited Tim inside. Then, she closed the door, once again refusing entrance to Toby.

Toby pursed his lips, grievance welling up within him. So, everyone but me can go inside? He massaged his temples and heaved a sigh.

Tim was met with Sonia eating a bowl of seafood aglio olio. He arched his eyebrow. “You have an appetite. I thought you wouldn’t eat.” She was in bad health and couldn’t even eat before this, and she was just served with devastating news. He thought she wouldn’t eat anything, so Tim already had some nutrient infusion prepared. I guess she doesn’t need it now.

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