Billionaire Reborn Baby Chapter 817

Billionaire Reborn Baby Chapter 817-The others followed to take a look and came back to discuss.

“Can we buy the same clothes?”

“No, it’s a waste of money. We just wear it once.”

“Who said that?”

“Don’t they feel cold in just a shirt?”

“Yes, it’s very cold on the stage.”

“Why don’t we wear the school uniform?”

“Sure, I think the school uniform is nice.”

“I think we can wear the same white shirt. It looks very good and neat.”

“Where’s our monitor? Let’s decide in a class meeting. The New Year’s Eve Gala is approaching.”

Then they held a short meeting outside the music room, the monitor let the people raise their hands if they agree. Half raised their hands, and half were silent.

One of them asked, “I don’t have any money anyway. Who will pay?”

Jenny glanced at Emily.

Emily didn’t speak.

A student said, “Of course, we will pay the money ourselves. Don’t we have class fee?”

“Why don’t we just let the rich buy it for us?” One of the students asked in a low voice.

For a moment, everyone looked at Marisa.

Marisa was chewing gum. When she heard this, she smiled and said frankly, “Why are you looking at me? I don’t have money.”

“Alright, forget it. We’ll pay it ourselves,” Some students said.

Some students mocked, “She’s right. She was just someone’s mistress. How could she have money?”

It seemed like Marisa had owed them. Emily’s expression was not good, but Marisa looked calm, chewing gum, and went to watch the rehearsal of the other classes in the music room.

Tatiana whispered to Emily, “Although I dislike her, I think the other students went too far. Everyone should pitch in. Why did they ask her to pay alone? Even if she has money, why should she spend it on our clothes?”

“Exactly.” Nina nodded.

Emily looked at the group of students. She thought that they had just accidentally walked the wrong path and needed someone to correct it. But now she realized that they had fallen into the abyss both in minds and bodies.

Evil was always more than good.

Someone could be destroyed with just a simple sentence.

The class meeting decided that everyone should pay fifty. During the rehearsal, everyone was in a bad mood. It seemed that they all felt that they should not spend that money. This time, the singing effect was very bad. After more than half an hour, the monitor told them to dismiss.

Emily received a call from Stephanie when she returned home.

“Can I go to your New Year’s Eve Gala? She asked excitedly. “I haven’t been to school for a long time.”

Emily thought for a moment, “Noah can bring you in, but … you will be easily recognized.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just put on a thick makeup,” Stephanie said, “By the way, I’ll bring the signature you wanted. A whole set.”

Emily smiled. “Thank you. We’re going to sing at the gala. Do you want to come with us?”

“On the stage?” Stephanie laughed out loud. “Then forget it. If I was recognized by the whole school, it would be a disaster scene.”

She then suggested, “After the gala is over, we can choose a private place to sing.”

“Okay,” Emily said, “And I have something to discuss with you.”

Stephanie paused for a moment, thinking Emily had discovered that Harold was beside her. She could not help but ask, “What’s the matter?”

“I plan to take Mr. Vincent to you during the winter break. I want Mr. Spencer to take a look at his legs.”

“Has his leg not recovered yet? OK, I’ll tell my grandpa later and let him prepare early,” Stephanie said.


The two chatted for a while before hanging up.

Rex was cooking dinner in the kitchen, Emily greeted him and went into the study where Vincent was reading. After hugging Vincent’s neck and acting cute, she walked to her studio.

This house was bought with no study and painting room. They were all changed in a short time when Emily was in class. Except for the bedroom, everything else had been changed greatly before Emily came back.

The studio was much smaller than the previous one in the suburbs, but it was big enough for Emily. The walls were filled with the works she had casually drawn. Some half-finished paintings were leaning against the edge of the easel. A small green bucket was placed at her feet with clean water in it and a row of clean brushes on its side.

Emily took up a pen after adjusting the paint and gently placed the pen on the drawing paper.

New Year’s Day was approaching.

Emily missed her father.

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