An Understated Dominance Chapter 2225 [4449– 4450]

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 2225 [4449– 4450]-“Ah?” Dustin’s words scared Kassidy’s eyelids.

If anyone pulled out the needle, Noemi would die within three hours. Wasn’t this equivalent to a death charm?

“Hmph! I don’t care what kind of injections you give; if you can’t cure Noemi, don’t blame me for being rude to you.” Conor said it with a cold face.

“If you can’t help, then please shut up. It’s really annoying to be chattering here.” Dustin glanced at Conor and shot him back without mercy.

“You——!” Conor gritted his teeth and finally restrained himself from having an attack.

If Dustin cured Noemi, then he would naturally have nothing to say. If he couldn’t cure it, he would definitely teach the other party a profound lesson.

“Dr. Rhys, what do we need to do now?” Kassidy changed the topic.

“Take good care of your sister, and don’t let anyone touch her. I’ll go back and make the antidote now.” After Dustin finished speaking, he winked at Grace and walked out of the door first.

“Sister Kassidy, remember what Dr. Rhys said.” After admonishing, Grace followed and walked out.

After leaving the villa and making sure that no one else was around, Grace finally couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on? Is there something fishy about Noemi’s illness?”

In the previous room, Dustin was obviously hiding something.

“There is indeed something fishy.”

Dustin gave a serious nod.

“Witchcraft?” Grace raised an eyebrow.

“I just checked carefully. There is a mass of evil energy in Noemi’s body. This mass of evil energy is very powerful. It has a sense of self-protection and is difficult to remove. It is a powerful witchcraft that devours life force. If this situation continues, “In less than three days, Noemi will be drained of energy!” Dustin said solemnly.

He had just used his true energy to fight against the evil spirit in Noemi’s body. Neither side could harm the other due to their equal strength.

If he wanted to forcefully remove the evil spirit, Noemi would explode and die before he succeeded.

“Could he be someone from the Mystic Arts Order who can use such powerful witchcraft?” Grace began to guess.

She knew a lot about witchcraft. If it were ordinary witchcraft, she could do it, but what was inside Noemi’s body was obviously extraordinary.

Apart from the top leaders of the Mystic Arts Order, she couldn’t think of anyone who had such ability.

“Does Noemi have any grudge against the people of the Mystic Arts Order?” Dustin asked in return.

“I’ve never heard of it.” Grace shook her head. “But people from the Mystic Arts Order are always moody and do some outrageous things. It’s not surprising.”

Dustin said, “Although the Mystic Arts Order is not a well-known and decent sect, it is not unreasonable. If there was no deep hatred, it would not be so vicious.” 

It would take a lot of energy and effort for the caster to cast such a powerful witchcraft into Noemi’s body, but it would also cause considerable damage.

No wizard would harm people for no reason.

There were only two possibilities for this situation: interest or inexplicable hatred.

“If it’s not the Mystic Arts Order, then who is it?” Grace considered carefully.

Dustin said with squinted eyes, “Compared to the Mystic Arts Order, I am more suspicious of the Temple of Gods. Since the beginning of the martial arts competition, the Temple of Gods has caused trouble more than once. Stifling the geniuses of various sects is their usual method.”

“Noemi’s talent in martial arts is not particularly outstanding, so why does the Temple of Gods spend so much energy targeting Noemi?” Grace was a little curious.

“Noemi is indeed not a threat to the gods, but her status is special, and she is an important chess piece.”If you think about it carefully, if Noemi suddenly dies, what will happen to Alloy Marshall, the leader of the Guildmasters of the Celestial Alliance?” Dustin asked again.

“Of course Thunderbolt is furious.” Grace blurted out.

Alloy Marshall only has two daughters, and the eldest daughter, Noemi, regards him as a treasure. If Noemi died, Alloy Marshall would probably go crazy.

“What if Noemi’s illness is framed by the Mystic Arts Order?” Dustin asked again.

“Then the two sects will definitely fight to the death!” Grace, momentarily stunned, immediately responded, “I understand!” This is the gods trying to sow discord! If Noemi succumbs to witchcraft, the world will unravel. There will inevitably be suspicion of the Mystic Arts Order. If the Mystic Arts Order gathers some unfounded evidence, an enraged Alloy Marshall will likely decide to initiate direct warfare. By then, the entire world will be full of blood.”

Once there was a large-scale fight between the Celestial Alliance and the Mystic Arts Order, the situation would inevitably be unstable, as would the political situation. And this was the situation that the Temple of Gods most wanted to see.

“To disrupt the world, and then to disrupt the court, is the biggest goal of the Temple of Gods!” A cold light flashed in Dustin’s eyes. He continued, “These ambitious guys should be broken into pieces!”

“If the Temple of Gods were here, if you are doing something wrong, then I have to remind the Celestial Alliance to prevent them from falling into the trap.” Grace looked solemn.

“Wait a minute.” Dustin raised his hand to stop Grace’s movements and continued, “These are all our speculations without any evidence. It is not easy to win people’s trust. Besides, how can you be sure that the world will be among them? What about the inner ghost in the temple? “If we reveal it to the public now, it will only frighten the enemy.”

“You mean…” Grace was a little curious.

“Since the Temple of Gods wants to harm people, we might as well use their tricks to eliminate their wings in one fell swoop!” Dustin clenched his fists fiercely, with murderous intent in his eyes.

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