An Understated Dominance Chapter 2183 [4365– 4366]

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 2183-“Same as Miss Rivka, contestant No. 6 in Arena No. 1.” Dustin wrote the number on the note and threw it into the No. 1 bowl.

“Okay, then I wish you good luck!” Abigail smiled, then raised her voice and shouted, “Come on, come on, buy it, and leave; the gambling is about to begin!”

The surrounding warriors were eager to try, but no one placed a bet; they were all waiting and watching.

The main reason was that they were not sure whether the bet was true or false. If they win, won’t Abigail double the compensation?

Therefore, they were waiting for the final bet results from Dustin and others.

If there were no problems, they would consider calling.

“Okay, the game has started, the betting is officially closed, and everyone is waiting for the final result.” Abigail waved her hand and announced that she would stop betting.

Soon, everyone’s attention came to the ring again.

At this moment, the eight arenas have started competing simultaneously, and the sixteen players each showed off their magical powers and began a fierce confrontation.

Dustin’s focus was on Arena No. 1.

On the first stage, there were two warriors, a man and a woman.

The man was dressed in black, strong and strong, holding a black iron long stick, which was a Yaksha stick technique.

Open and close, fierce and domineering, every stroke of the stick was fierce and powerful, with the sound of thunder, which was extremely extraordinary.

As for the woman, she was dressed in red, was petite, and looked frail.

Although she was only 1.6 meters tall, the weapon she used was a Guandao that was two to three meters long.

The Guandao was extremely heavy. When it fell into the hands of the woman in red, it seemed as if it was nothing. When wielded, it was even more majestic and imposing.

Women dancing with swords have a strong visual impact.

A man and a woman, with a stick and a knife, began to violently collide in the ring.

The two of them were fighting each other back and forth, with sparks flying and being extremely intense.

For a while, no one could do anything to anyone.

Both of them had long weapons, and they took a fierce route. Their fighting styles were very similar.

There were no false moves during the fight; they were all real strikes.

Judging from the situation, although the woman in red was petite, she was stronger and had a slight advantage in every collision.

However, the man in black had more fighting experience, and in addition to fighting fiercely, he could also display some skills.

Especially the stick technique had reached the level of proficiency.

Every move and style was ever-changing, sometimes offensive and sometimes defensive, making full use of one’s own advantages.

Fighting and fighting, the man in black gradually gained the upper hand.

“Mr. Dustin, it seems that the player you picked is not very good. If you keep playing like this, you will lose sooner or later.” At this point, Sullivan’s eyes suddenly glanced over.

“Don’t worry, the battle situation is changing rapidly. No one can predict the outcome until the last moment.” Dustin smiled lightly.

It was just a bottle of Tiger Soul elixir, and to him, it wasn’t worth much money.

“Mr. Dustin, you should bet with me. Look at the person I opted for. He is already a sure winner. Within ten moves, he can completely defeat his opponent.” Sullivan said it with a confident smile.

“Yeah?” Dustin glanced at the No. 3 arena and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Mr. Sullivan, you’d better not be too happy too early. The person you choose may not win.”

“Mr. Dustin, don’t be ridiculous. The people I chose have already pushed their opponents to the edge of the ring. Winning is only a matter of time.” Sullivan didn’t believe it at all.

Dustin smiled faintly and said, “Pushed to the edge of the ring? How can you be sure that your opponent is not taking the initiative to give in and then lure the enemy deeper?”

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