An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 855

An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 855-There was only one possibility. Nikki and her group must have arrived in the Southern province much earlier.

“You guessed it right. I have come to Balerno for an important matter.” Nikki didn’t deny it and started to glance around the area.

“You have a nice, spacious place here. The Jade Maiden Sisterhood needs a place to stay for the time being. Do you mind if we stay here?”

“We do have plenty of space. You can settle down here if you want. I’ll have someone make arrangements,” Dustin agreed readily.

He wondered if guilt made him feel obligated to agree to all her requests.

“Hmph! Smart move!” Nikki nodded in satisfaction and took out a red pill.

She told him, “Here, this is Haemotrol. It not only helps you recover, but it also boosts your internal energy and cultivation. Since you got injured, it should help.”

“Thanks.” Dustin flashed her a weak smile. He could tell Nikki wasn’t a bad


“No problem. Consider it payment for accommodations.” Nikki then took out her phone and

made some calls.

After a while, a group of disciples from the Jade Maiden Sisterhood walked into Zephyr Lodge


A woman dressed in white was leading the sisterhood. She had beautiful features and a tall figure. However, she looked arrogant.

This woman was the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s lead disciple, Brittany Cloude.

A group

of beautiful female disciples followed behind her; they carried themselves well.

The Kirin Gang members whispered among themselves as they looked at the disciples. distastefully.

“Brittany, you’re here.” Nikki approached them when she saw Brittany walk in.

“This is the place you’ve found for us?”

Brittany strolled into the meeting room arrogantly. Her eyes swept around the room as if she owned the place.

“That’s right. The scenery is beautiful here since it’s surrounded by mountains and rivers. Madam Edith should like it here,” Nikki replied.

“It’s passable, I suppose. It barely meets our standards.” Brittany nodded.


Her gaze shifted to Dustin, and she frowned. “Why is there a man here? Get him out!”

“Brittany, he’s the owner here,” Nikki explained awkwardly.

“So what?” Brittany held her head high.

With a condescending look, she continued, “On behalf of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood, I now claim your manor. Move out of here with your people immediately. We don’t like staying with disgusting men!”

“Move out?” Dustin was taken aback. He wondered if he had heard her correctly.

She had acted all high and mighty as soon as she walked in. She was also acting like she owned the place and drove them out. What the hell was going on?

“That’s right, move out immediately.”

Brittany spoke matter–of–factly, “You should be honored that we are claiming your land. What you need to do now is listen to our orders. Understand?”

Instead of responding to Brittany, Dustin turned to Nikki and asked, “Is there something wrong with her head?”

“Nonsense!” Nikki retorted Dustin with a frown.

“If that’s not the case, why would she say something like that?” Dustin was perplexed.

“You insolent bastard!”

“How dare you?”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples erupted in anger when they heard him. They were furious.

“You bastard! How dare you insult me?” After a moment of shock, Brittany brandished her sword angrily.

She screamed, “I order you to apologize to me and leave! Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences!”

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