An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 684

An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 684-“Hmph, foolish brat!” Caelus glanced at Dustin and sneered. “What would a stupid pig like you know about Sir Leon’s strength? You could never even hope to reach his level!”

“Dustin, Sir Leon is a semi-Grandmaster. You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know. Others might laugh at you,” Ivy grumbled in displeasure.

“She’s right. You should watch how Sit Leon takes his opponent down!” Maria echoed. All of them saw Dustin as someone who liked to talk others down to make himself feel good. The Dark Lord might be a powerful person, but he was still a Divine-level martial artist, which was nowhere near the level of a semi-Grandmaster.

“Let’s hope things turn out the way you’re hoping they will,” Dustin simply responded. He’s said everything he needed to say. If he said anymore, he would just make a fool of himself.

“Sir Leon, I think he’s right. If you’re too scared to fight me alone, you can ask your leader to join the battle. Otherwise, you might suffer an embarrassing loss,” The Dark Lord taunted, aware that guilds like these cared more about their pride than anything else.

As he expected, Leon was furious at his words. “Yeah, right! Killing you is a piece of cake. I don’t need anyone’s help! Here I come!” He jumped into the air and unsheathed the long sword behind his back. Clutching the sword with one hand, he thrust it toward the Dark Lord at an incredible speed.

“His sword is so fast and powerful!”

“No wonder he’s a semi-Grandmaster. He’s so strong!”

The crowd marveled at his strength. They had never seen someone as strong as Leon.

“You’re doomed!” Leon bellowed, and his sword shone as his attack increased in power.

“Foolish bastard.” The Dark Lord chuckled coldly before swinging his hand, which was curled into a claw

This caused Leon’s blade, which was less than twenty inches away, to stop mid-air. The sword trembled violently but didn’t move at all.

“How is that possible?” Leon was shocked. Before he had time to react, the Dark Lord reached out and struck Leon’s chest with his palm. Immediately, blood spewed from Leon’s mouth, and he flew backward.

“Go to hell!” The Dark Lord took advantage of this opportunity and struck again. A huge shadow in the shape of a palm hit Leon hard.

“Leon!” Herman paled. He quickly drew his sword to counter the Dark Lord’s attack. There was a loud bang as the two attacks clashed before the shadow palm disappeared.

Herman reached out to catch Leon when the Dark Lord suddenly fused with the shadows and slammed into him.

“You must have a death wish!” Furious, Herman brandished his sword. Instantly, thousands of shadow swords appeared. They trapped the Dark Lord from all directions and then flew in the Dark Lord’s direction. However, they didn’t seem to affect the Dark Lord, who was able to phase

Chapter 684

through the shadows and counter with another strike.

“Oh no!” Herman’s eyes widened, and he instinctively raised his sword to block the oncoming onslaught. The blade shattered on impact, and the Dark Lork quickly followed up with another strike to Herman’s chest, crushing the man’s bones and causing him to cough up blood. Herman flew in the air before crashing into the ground, head-first.

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