An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 587

An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 587-“Ahhh!” Maggie, who had her kneecaps fractured, let out an ear–piercing scream. She fell flat on the ground and rolled around in pain.

“What?” Everyone was shocked by what they saw. None of them had expected Dustin to hurt Maggie, even after she revealed her identity. He truly showed her no mercy.

But she was the daughter of the great Doyle family! No matter where she went, people always tried their best to please her, and nobody dared cross her. It was beyond everyone’s comprehension that Dustin would actually break her kneecaps! It was insane!

“Are you out of your flipping mind, Dustin? Do you know what you’ve done?” After the initial shock wore off, Julie leaped to her feet, her face white as a sheet.

“You! How dare you hurt Miss Doyle? You’re done for! All of you!”

“That’s right! The Doyles aren’t ever going to let you go! This is no longer about the money!”

Maggie’s friends clamored in fury. As scions of wealthy families, they were all used to bullying others; never the other way around. This rascal had bit off more than he could chew!

You arrogant, overbearing bullies. I’m just teaching you a lesson for bullying those weaker than you. If you’re not happy with it, come at me anytime,” Dustin said indifferently. This was not the first time he had crossed a Doyle. He had beaten Duncan Doyle up not too long ago, and it didn’t make much of a difference to him anymore to offend Maggie, who was also a Doyle.

“You’re a gutsy one, bastard! We’re not done with you!”

And with that, Maggie’s friends quickly helped her up and ran away. If even Maggie, who came from a family with a strong martial arts background, could not go against Dustin, they’d be done for if they challenged him.

“You–you–you! You’re a nutjob! You’ve put all of us in trouble now by messing with Miss Doyle!” Julie was terrified. Now that Maggie was in such a state, the Doyles were certainly not going to back off. And not only was Dustin going to be in trouble, but Julie would also be implicated. Influential and wealthy families like the Doyles were impossible to reason with once they decided

to seek revenge.

“Dustin! You were too impulsive!” Dahlia’s brows were tightly knitted, and her expression was dark. She had yet to make a name for herself in Millsburg, and things would only be more difficult for her now that they had offended such a powerful family as the Doyles.

“Don’t you worry. I’m not afraid of their retaliation.” Dustin was unbothered by their reactions.

“Hah! You say that now! The Doyles are such an influential and wealthy family! How can you

afford to get on their bad side?” Julie screamed at him.

“It’s true, I can’t. But some people can. I know some people in Millburg who can easily deal with this,” Dustin said calmly.

“You mean Natasha Harmon, don’t you?” Dahlia asked huffily, her words laced with sarcasm. Well, if you have her help, things might just work out fine. After all, you’re such lovebirds, aren’t you?”


Chacte 587

“What are you thinking, Dahlia? Do I look like such a boy toy who gets a woman to protect me?” Dustin rolled his eyes.



Both Dahlia and Julie exclaimed in unison.

Dustin was left speechless. Why did everyone think that he was a boy toy? When, in fact, he had

worked hard and honestly for all his accomplishments? Maybe he really shouldn’t have kept such

a low profile all this time.

Just then, Julie’s phone rang. She picked it up, and soon after, her face fell. “What? You’ve found Terrence? Where is he? Sure. We’ll be there right away!”

“What is it?” Dahlia asked.

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