An Understated Dominance Chapter 1884 [3767-3768]

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 1884 [3767-3768]–“It’s still uncertain,” Dustin replied with a serious expression.

He added, “There are only two potential scenarios in this situation. First, Julius might not have earned the Dragon Guard’s trust. Alternatively, Reagan could have sent this team to test Julius.” “And the second?” Austin asked.

“The second possibility is that Julius betrayed us. It could be a trap orchestrated by the Dragon Guard, using a decoy team to draw us out and setting up a full-scale ambush,” Dustin replied.

He solemnly added, “Julius is the only one at risk in the first scenario. As for the second scenario, we might have walked into an enemy trap.” Austin quickly analyzed the situation and ordered, “Stay alert, everyone!” The castle’s elite forces promptly scattered, staying on high alert.

At that moment, laughter resonated through the sky, causing a disturbance that sent countless birds into flight.

“It’s too late to be on guard now!” Shortly afterward, a formidable force of soldiers and horses emerged from all directions-an unexpected and significant arrival.

The sheer numbers were staggering, with thousands densely packed in view.

Dustin led a thousand elite warriors, yet the Dragon Guard’s ambush outnumbered them tenfold. It was evident that the Dragon Guard had meticulously planned it from the start.

“Damn it! We’ve walked right into the enemy’s trap!” Austin’s face changed, and he immediately commanded his guards to form a defensive formation. Initially, they believed they were setting the trap, only to realize they had become the prey.

“Surround them!” A commanding shout echoed as the numerous forces of the Dragon Guard encircled the elite castle warriors. Despite both sides deploying their best warriors, the Dragon Guard had the numerical advantage.

“Fuck, it was Julius! He actually betrayed us!” Austin exclaimed with gritted teeth, seething with resentment.

Unbeknownst to them, their carefully planned decapitation operation had fallen into the treacherous trap set by Julius. The intention was to minimize attention, but the unfolding events proved otherwise.

“Logan, you didn’t see this coming, right? Here we are, meeting at last.” “Reagan?” Dustin squinted at the tall, masked man before him. Dustin’s eyes revealed a hint of hostility.

The grudge between them ran deep, fueled by a matricidal vendetta. Reagan, the mastermind behind the Aylka incident, was deemed even more despicable than Alaric.

“That’s right. It’s me.” Reagan laughed.

He went on, “What’s the matter? Surprised? It’s like a praying mantis capturing its prey, unaware of the looming bird. And behind that bird, which is you, there’s a hunter-me.” “Logan, I feel bad to say this, but opportunities must be seized. Sir Judd offered me too much, and I couldn’t resist. Therefore, I had no choice but to betray you.” Julius grinned.

“Bastard! The castle extended an opportunity for your redemption; in return, you betrayed us. Do you have no conscience?” Austin yelled.

“Conscience?” Julius sneered and laughed manically. He went on, “Austin, you’re too naive. What value does conscience hold? Is it more important than power and status?

“If I remain in West Lucozia, I’d never have an opportunity to ascend, particularly after this failure. You might even condemn me to a life of obscurity.

“But with Sir Judd, it’s a different story.

I can revel in wealth, power, and an elevated status. If I eliminate all of you, I will become the future Prince of West Lucozia!” “Dream on!” Austin retorted, “You, a sellout seeking glory, can never become a ruler in your life!” “Save your breath! I only know one rule -the winner takes all. I’ll use any means to achieve my goal.” Julius countered.

“Hmph! Talking about being despicable with such pomp, I’ve never seen someone as disgustingly shameless as you!” Austin scoffed.

“Go ahead and curse all you want. You’ll be dead very soon.” Julius remained completely unfazed.

“Julius! Don’t get too cocky. The winner of today’s showdown is still up in the air.

” Austin’s expression turned cold.

Indeed, the Dragon Guard boasted significant numbers, but the elite warriors Austin brought this time provided a glimmer of hope.

While an outright victory wasn’t assured, the possibility of a full-force breakthrough remained.

“I’ve already exposed all your trump cards. How do you intend to take me on now?” Julius sneered coldly.

“Logan, I must admit, your formations were impressive. If I got caught in them accidentally, I might not be able to escape for a while.” Reagan started with a few words of praise but swiftly shifted the topic with a sly grin.

He continued, “Well, no matter how you crunch the numbers, in the end, you’re just one step slower. I’ve got a soft spot for talent, so I’m throwing you a bone.

“So, drop your weapons and swear allegiance. I might spare your life and throw in a lifetime of riches and glory.” Dustin scoffed. “Drop my weapons? Swear allegiance? Do you truly believe you’re worth that?” A conniving character like Reagan wouldn’t let a potential threat off the hook. If Dustin dared to surrender, he’d be a goner in the blink of an eye.

After all, both sides had hit the point of no return.

“Logan, you really should learn from Julius. Submitting to the stronger is a survival strategy, perhaps your only way out,” Reagan remarked with a smile.

“I know exactly what kind of person you are. I don’t believe a word you say. Let’s settle our score right here, right now,” Dustin retorted with unwavering determination.

“Very well! Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish!” Reagan slowly raised his hand, then lowered it as he shouted, “Kill them! Spare no one!” Following the command, the Dragon Guard members roared and charged directly. “Charge!” “Let’s give it everything we’ve got!” Austin swiftly unsheathed his sword, rallying the elite warriors from the castle to face their enemies head-on.

The two forces collided in a fierce, desperate battle for survival.

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