An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 1016

An Understated Dominance By Marina Vittori Chapter 1016-“What a powerful sword!”

Seeing the Celestial Blade, Ronald sensed danger: He immediately moved hundreds of meters

away from the scene.

Fortunately, he reacted fast. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been any better than the three


“My goodness! Look at the number of people he injured with just a move! Is he even a human?”

“Monster! He is a monster!”

Some of the neutral martial artists were stunned upon seeing the horrific scene in front of them.

Their eyes widened with fear. Luckily, they hadn’t joined the fight, or they would have also been


“Amazing! As expected of a young grandmaster!” Emily stared at the imposing figure. She felt a

sense of inexplicable excitement.

Dustin had single–handedly defeated multiple sects. It was truly astonishing!

“If someone is willing to go against the martial world for me, I’ll die with no regrets,” Vanessa muttered. There was a glint in her eyes.

Which woman wouldn’t be attracted to such a strong and protective man?

“Seriously? Is he going to challenge all of them by himself?”

Walter and Nathan exchanged a glance. Their expressions revealed shock and fear.

Logically speaking, Dustin shouldn’t have been able to escape death in the fight. However, he surprisingly turned the situation around with just a swing of his sword.

It was too terrifying!

“Anyone else?” Dustin waved his hand and summoned his sword back into his palm. His

murderous intent showed no less than before.

The rest of the martial artists were dumbfounded. They shook like leaves, unable to even hold their weapons properly.

Dustin had killed hundreds of people in one move. If he were to swing his sword a few more times, wouldn’t they all die?

They dared not provoke him again.

“If there’s no one else, get out of my sight right now!” Dustin shouted.

“Let’s leave! Quick!”

The martial artists immediately scrambled to their feet to flee.

“Wait!” Ronald’s voice suddenly came through.

“Don’t be afraid! He’s already on his last legs. He won’t be able to fight against us anymore!”

When they heard that, they almost cursed.

That was exactly what he said earlier, but in the end, Dustin nearly got all of them killed!

“Forget it, Sir Reeds. I still have a family to take care of. I don’t want to risk my life anymore,” a

bald martial artist pleaded.

“You don’t trust me?” Ronald’s expression darkened.

He added, “He has used up all his energy in that move. I’m sure he won’t be able to strike again!”

“I don’t care. I’m out of here.” The bald man threw his sword away and ran off.

He wasn’t so stupid to risk his life testing his opponent’s strength.

“Stop right there! I said stop!” Ronald called out.

However, when the bald man didn’t respond, his anger flared.

“You’re courting death!” He thrust his palm in the bald man’s direction.

The bald man’s body instantly exploded and disintegrated. Blood rained down and drenched the ground.

At the sight of that, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect Ronald to be so brutal. He had

killed a man just because he didn’t listen to him.

“Hmph! How can we be afraid of evil when it’s our obligation to get rid of them?”

Ronald cast a piercing gaze at them and continued righteously, “Whoever chickens out today, I won’t show you any mercy!”

The crowd became anxious. They couldn’t win against Dustin, nor could they escape. Ronald was just pushing them to death! How could there be such a cruel martial arts leader?

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