A Spoonful of Sugar: Don’t Beg for Love Chapter 106

A Spoonful of Sugar: Don’t Beg for Love Chapter 106

The two women put on ferocious grins. Hesper remembered them. 

‘They’re the women who pinned me down and poured scalding fish soup into my mouth after I gave birth to Ren back then. Who would’ve thought that after so many years, they’d still be working for this woman? They’re really loyal!’ 

“No, I don’t have an antidote for little Juniper. Her face is already an unsalvageable case.” Hesper’s tone sounded cold. 

Julie’s expression changed instantly. She rushed forward and pointed at her viciously. “Are you refusing to cooperate on purpose? Do you miss the taste of what it’s like to be beaten up by these two?” 

“Heh, would you dare to do so here?” Hesper did not show any vulnerability. 

‘Because we’re staying in the hotel, I thought nothing special would happen and arranged for Isaac to attend to other affairs. 

Unexpectedly, this has given Julie a chance to act all presumptuously and boldly.’ 

Julie was furious. “B*tch, I think it’s time to teach you a lesson and remind you of who’s in charge here!” She raised her hand to slap her. 

“Don’t hit my mother!” Renfrew rushed forward quickly and pushed Julie. 

Julie was in pain for a split second, and she staggered two steps backward. When she came back to her senses, her mean face turned vicious instantly. 

“You little bastard, now that you’ve found your mother, you’ve 

forgotten about your grandma, haven’t you? Have you forgotten how she abandoned you in the first place? You’re just a piece of trash that 


she discarded heartlessly, and you’re actually here protecting her now? You heartless bastard, I really have loved you for so many years in vain!” 

Hearing that he was abandoned back then, Renfrew’s eyes dimmed. He had always cared a lot about this matter, but he believed that his mother only left him because she was facing a lot of difficulties, so he kept on putting up a strong facade. 

But when his most vulnerable past got uncovered, he would still feel extremely aggrieved. His black eyes teared up as if he could start crying at any time, but he continued to stand in front of Hesper to protect her. 

“Grandma, you mustn’t hit mommy. Mommy hasn’t done anything wrong. It was Aunt Juni who started it first!” 

“You’re just a kid, so what do you know? Your mother has done a lot. of shameless things in the past. I’ll tell you each and every one of them later!” 

Hesper glared at her exasperatedly and lost her cool for a second. ” That’s enough!” 

She was afraid that Renfrew would be accidentally injured by his grandmother and the two women, so she pulled him behind her and stared at Julie with an indifferent gaze as if she was looking at a dead body. 

“How could you utter such complete nonsense in the presence of a child? I’ve truly thought too highly of your upbringing and decency. Oh, I’ve forgotten, you’re someone who only thought about breaking up your son’s marriage and killing your daughter-in-law. So there 

shouldn’t be any decency left in you at all!” 

“How dare you reprimand me?” Julie, unable to bear this grievance, she rolled up her sleeves, ready to hit her. 

However, Hesper was not someone to be trifled with either. She 

grabbed her wrist and flung it aside forcefully. “Madam Duval! I’m 

only addressing you as such for Ren’s sake. But if you keep messing around here, don’t blame me for anything that comes your way!” 

“Alright, I’d like to see what’s coming my way too!” Julie was completely irritated and signaled the two women to make a move. 

But they forgot that Hesper was no longer the pushover that they could easily overwhelm in the past. In the past few years, she had been learning self-defense from Matthew, and what she had learned was more than enough to defeat the two of them. 

Soon, the two women were kicked to the ground. Julie was shocked and piqued. “A shrew, what a shrew! You even turn to violence! Thank God I made Rickard divorce you. Otherwise, how could the Duvals take someone as violent as you in as our lady?!” 

“Do you really think that I care?” 

The old and new grudges that she had been holding against Julie emerged, and Hesper approached Julie with a sullen expression. 

“What are you doing? I’m Ren’s grandmother. Do you still think you’re in the position to hit me?” 

“Heh, so you suddenly remember that you’re Ren’s grandmother, huh?” She let off a mocking chuckle. “It’s too late now!” 

“Ah! Someone! Please help me! Someone’s trying to kill me! Someone wants to kill me!” Julie was frightened and ran away, and while doing so, she accidentally kicked Renfrew’s easel. It fell to the ground and left paint stains on her face, which made her look extremely ridiculous, making her feel embarrassed.

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