A Man Like None Other Chapter 3918

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3918-I Had Already Decided Knox had died, and the remaining guards were pleading for mercy from Catina.

Catina did not punish the guards. Instead, she went straight to the water prison and rescued Winona.

The crisis in Imperial Fox City was resolved just like that, simply and easily.

Knox’s long- planned rebellion was also instantly thwarted.

This was a demonstration of true strength.

The very next morning, Catina had sent someone to the Violet Flame Sect, inviting Dario from the Violet Flame Sect to come over.

After all, no one knew whether the Violet Flame Sect truly possessed the technique to merge demonic fires.

If there was nothing at Violet Flame Sect, then there was no need for Jared to make another trip to Violet Flame Sect. Given Jared’s current status, it wasn’t appropriate for him to be running around everywhere.

“Fox Queen, why did you send someone to invite Mr. Barclay from the Violet Flame Sect? Apparently, there’s been a recent regime change at the Violet Flame Sect. Rumor has it that Mr. Ortiz was forced to step down, and a new leader has taken control. During that period, the internal strife within the Violet Flame Sect was at its peak. It would be best for us in Imperial Fox City not to get involved in the affairs of the Violet Flame Sect,” he advised.

Winona had assumed that Catina’s invitation to Dario was to discuss the internal strife within the Violet Flame Sect.

“Has the Violet Flame Sect gotten a new leader?” Catina was somewhat taken aback. “In such a short span of time, even Violet Flame Sect has undergone a change in leadership. It’s truly unbelievable. But don’t worry, Winona. I’m not intending to interfere with the affairs of the Violet Flame Sect. It’s just that my friend here is interested in mastering the demonic fire. So, we’re inquiring if there’s any technique within the Violet Flame Sect’s teachings that can aid in mastering this flame.” Upon hearing this, Winona gave a nod of approval. She said, “Violet Flame Sect should have such techniques. After all, they are known as the most powerful sect in Ethereal Realm for mastering fire-related practices.” Catina didn’t involve herself in the internal disputes of the Violet Flame Sect. However, whether the Violet Flame Sect would share this particular technique, is uncertain. After all, each sect and faction typically keep their techniques exclusive.” Upon hearing Winona’s words, Catina’s face revealed her discomfort. She then turned to Jared and asked, “What if this Violet Flame Sect has a method to merge demonic fires, but it’s not shared outside?” “That’s not a problem,” he said. “I could just join the Violet Flame Sect and become one of their disciples,” Jared gave a faint smile and said.

It seemed that Jared had his strategies planned out well in advance. He was aware that the techniques of various sects were typically not taught to outsiders.

To learn them, one had to become an inner court disciple.

“You thought joining the Violet Flame Sect was going to be easy? There are tests to pass,” Catina exclaimed.

“What? Do you think I can’t even pass an inner court disciple assessment?” Jared asked with a playful tone.

“That’s not the case at all!” Catina shook her head. Although Jared was currently only at Fourth Level Tribulator, his true strength was such that even those at the Ninth Level Tribulator were no match for him. Hence, passing the Violet Flame Sect assessment would be a breeze for him.

“Master, if you wish to join the Violet Flame Sect, you must change your appearance and even your name. We wouldn’t want the members of the Violet Flame Sect to turn on you for their own gain once they recognize you,” Feenix suggested.

After all, many people knew by now that the Demon Seal Alliance had spent a century worshipping and eventually slaying Jared.

If the people of the Violet Flame Sect were to discover Jared’s true identity, Jared would likely become a prisoner before he even mastered the technique!

After all, the century-long offerings to Demon Seal Alliance were incredibly enticing.

“That’s easy to resolve…” Jared gave a laugh. Following that, he spun around twice, and in an instant, his entire appearance had changed.

Catina wasn’t too keen on Jared taking risks by becoming adisciple at taking risks by becoming adisciple an Violet Flame Sect.

As for not being able to completely alter his aura, Jared wasn’t worried. After all, no one from the Violet Flame Sect knew what Jared’s aura was like.

If it were possible to obtain the cultivation technique from Darja then even if it meantspending a significant amount of resources, it would be absolutely worth it.

“Let’s wait until Mr. Barclay arrives, then we can ask him,” he suggested. “If he knows about this technique, considering our relationship, he might just tell us the truth.”

As noon approached, Dario arrived.

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