A Man Like None Other Chapter 3916

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3916-The Betrayal As Jared was engaged in conversation with Catina, a figure suddenly darted past outside Catina’s room.

“There’s someone outside!” In an instant, Jared rose to his feet and pursued the figure.

Catina was right on his heels. She was astonished to find that someone had the audacity to spy on her from outside her room, right here in her palace. It was as if they had a death wish!

The moment Jared and Catina started running in pursuit, the shadowy figure unexpectedly collapsed.

When Jared and Catina caught up, they were surprised to discover that it was actually a woman!

The woman was covered in wounds, clearly indicating she had suffered severe injuries.

Upon seeing the woman, Catina instantly gasped in surprise. “Zuri?” “Do you know her?” Jared asked.

Catina slightly furrowed her brows, saying, “She’s my personal attendant.” Jared immediately picked up Zuri and returned to Catina’s room.

After a thorough examination, Jared shook his head. “The injuries are too severe, and her divine soul is damaged. I don’t think I can save her.” “How could this happen? Who would dare to harm my personal attendant?” Fury was etched deeply on Catina’s face. “Jared, can you wake her up? I need to ask who exactly did this to her.” “I’ll try!” Jared nodded, then directed a surge of spiritual energy into Zuri’s body.

Then, he retrieved a rejuvenating pill from his storage ring, gently placing it into the woman’s mouth.

A moment later, Zuri slowly opened her eyes.

Upon seeing that, Catina hastily voiced her question, “Zuri, who did this to you?” “Fox Queen… I-It was Knox. You need to run. He has teamed up with the Foster family… and was just waiting for you to return so he could make his move against you. I risked my life to tell you this. You need… to leave quickly! Winona didn’t go to gather herbs; she’s being locked up in the water prison! P-Please, run…” After Zuri finished speaking, her head lolled to the side as she drew her last breath.

Catina listened to Zuri’s words, her entire being filled with shock and confusion.

She couldn’t believe it – Knox had actually betrayed her!

Jared stared at Catina, at a loss for words.

As a queen, she had to possess undeniable strength.

After all, this was the Ethereal Realm, a place where power was revered, and there were no rules to speak of!

This wasn’t the mundane world, where one could ascend to the position of mayor and manage an entire city, not necessarily through true capabilities, but rather through flattery and sycophancy.

Even if the subordinates were highly skilled, it was useless. No one dared to rebel.

This was because the mundane world had its set of well-established rules, and these rules were designed to keep the common people in line.

But in the Ethereal Realm, there were no such rules, and strength spoke louder than words.

“Knox… I must kill him. I absolutely must!” Catina roared.

“Fox Queen, if you want to kill me, you better have the skills to do it!” Following a cold scoff, the door to Catina’s room was kicked open.

Knox had brought along a multitude of guards to surround Catina’s room.

Upon seeing Knox, Catina’s eyes were filled with fury “Knoxchow dare you petray me?”

Knox’s expression was twisted into a vicious and smug smile.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? The Foster family and I have already reached an agreement. Once Imperial Fox City joins the Demon Seal Alliance, they will provide us with various resources when the time comes Did you really think you could continue to rule the entire Imperial Fox City with just the strength of a Seventh Level Tribulator? The only reason I was willing to listen to you was because I wanted to practice dual cultivation.

with you. In the end, it wouldn’t matter who ended up ruling Imperial Fox City. But after all these years, you wouldn’t even let me hold your hand, and I finally came to understand that you never intend to be with me. If that’s the case, I might as well rebel.”

Pausing briefly, he went on, “Now that I’m a Ninth Level Tribulator, the entire city is mine to command. if you behave obediently, I can ensure you still live a life of luxury. If you refuse to listen, then don’t blame me for not being polite anymore…”

Catina looked at Knox, her fury growing.

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