A Man Like None Other Chapter 3894

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3894-All Friends Seeing that no one was backing down, Jared led everyone toward Lunarius Palace.

However, as Jared led everyone away from Southedge City, a young man watched their retreating figures, a cold smirk suddenly playing at the corner of his mouth.

Quickly, the young man’s figure vanished, and Jared and the others didn’t even realize they were being observed.

A massive crowd of over a thousand people began their trek up the mountain, trudging through the accumulated snow.

On the way and above in the sky, cultivators were hurrying toward Lunarius Palace. As they approached Lunarius Palace, the guards inside had also taken notice of the scene, Watching the swarming crowd above and below, the numerous disciples of Lunarius Palace were stunned.

Immediately, the disciples from Lunarius Palace began to shout out loud, “Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Hurry up and alert Ms. Nieva!” Nieva received a notification and led her people to the front door. When she glimpsed the dense crowd in the distance, she was instantly stunned.

She never imagined that the Mueller family could rally so many of its members.

Some moved in the sky and others on the ground. It was absolutely breathtaking to see them cover the sun and fill the sky.

“M-Ms. Nieva?” Bianca watched the scene unfold, finding herself somewhat at a loss for words.

Nieva had a look of helplessness in her eyes. She let out a soft sigh and said, “Bianca, take all the disciples of Lunarius Palace and leave through the back mountain. The further you guys go, the better. If possible, I hope you carry on the legacy of Lunarius Palace. If not, then hide your identities and never again claim to be disciples of Lunarius Palace.” Nieva had given up as she was truly at her wits’ end. Facing the onslaught of so many, Lunarius Palace was likely to crumble into dust in an instant.

Therefore, it was simply not worth it to have so many disciples die together.

Moreover, the disciples of Lunarius Palace were too weak, and their foundation was not solid enough. If they wanted to promote Lunarius Palace, it was likely to be very challenging.

“I’m not leaving, Ms. Nieva! I want to stay with you!” Bianca shook her head and voiced her disagreement.

All the disciples from the vast Lunarius Palace yelled with unwavering determination, “We won’t leave, Ms. Nieva. We choose to stay with you! We’re ready to go down alongside Lunarius Palace!” “There’s no need for that. If you all leave, then Lunarius Palace will not be completely destroyed. Perhaps it will reemerge many years later. If we all die here, then Lunarius Palace will truly be done for.” Nieva let out a sigh, then commanded in a firm tone, “I order you all to leave Lunarius Palace immediately. If you delay, it will be too late!” Bianca wanted to say something else, but looking at Nieva’s resolute expression, she eventually gave a helpless nod.

Just as Bianca was about to lead the other disciples of Lunarius Palace away, Yuliya suddenly cried out excitedly, “Ms. Nieva, look! It’s Mr. Chance! It’s Mr.

Chance!” Upon hearing this, Nieva and Bianca hurriedly looked over. They found a figure rapidly approaching from the front, and it was indeed Jared.

Jared was worried that the crowd would startle everyone at Lunarius Palace, so he rushed ahead to forewarn them.

Although Jared had not engaged in any intimate acts with Nieva, they had kissed befare! This had subtly altered the dynamics of their relationship.

Upon seeing it was Jared, a smile finally graced Nieva’s face.

And Bianca, overcome with emotion, started crying.

“Open the door!” Nieva ordered the palace doors to be opened, and then led her people to welcome the arrivals.

Taken aback, Nieva looked at the dense crowd behind Jared and asked in astonishment You. Why have you Come back? Who are those.

“I brought them all here. I knew that the Mueller family would never let Lunarius Palace off the hook, and Lunarius palace is no match for the.

Mueller family, so I reached out to a bunch of friends to come and help,”

Jared said with a laugh.


Jared gazed at Nieva, offering a slight smile as he said, “I’ve returned again, Ms. Nieva…”

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