A Man Like None Other Chapter 3886

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3886-Lend A Hand Watching the shield that was about to shatter completely, Alphonse was dumbfounded, his eyes filled with terror and helplessness.


A thunderous crash echoed between heaven and earth, and the shield Alphonse had formed instantly collapsed.

A beam of light shot straight into Alphonse’s forehead, causing his figure to dissolve within the radiance.

In the end, he was unable to withstand Jared’s devastating blow. He was completely obliterated, and even in death, Alphonse had an undeniable look of defiance in his eyes.

Cough! Cough!

After Alphonse was vanquished, Jared began to cough violently.

“Mr. Chance, are you all right?” Faiyar hurriedly followed Serena, rushing over.

“I’m fine!” Jared waved his hand dismissively.

Just a moment ago, he had merely overused Immortal’s Pointer, an immortal technique. Although Jared had comprehended time nascence, the use of Immortal’s Pointer was still incredibly draining.

Jared made that move because he wanted to show off. Even without using Immortal’s Pointer, Jared could have still taken down Alphonse.

“From now on, just kill when you need to kill. Stop showing off. You’ve already used up all your celestial energy and time nascence,” Vermilion Demon Lord advised Jared.

Jared was left speechless for a moment. Back when he was in Infinitus Celestial Sect, if he had absorbed all the liquified celestial energy himself, things wouldn’t have ended up like that.

He had merely shown off with a single use of Immortal’s Pointer, and he was already on the verge of collapse.

With a face full of excitement, Faiyar enthusiastically said to Jared, “Mr. Chance, did you use an immortal technique just now? That was absolutely incredible, so awe-inspiring. I really didn’t expect that in such a short period of time, you’d become a Fourth Level Tribulator, and even grasp time nascence. Most importantly, you’ve eliminated that Ninth Level Tribulator as easily as if you were slaughtering a cockroach.” Jared gave a faint smile and said, “It’s not as simple as you make it out to be.

But if a Ninth Level Tribulator wants to kill me, it won’t be that easy.” Serena was completely taken aback. Although she knew Jared was impressive, she hadn’t expected him to be this extraordinary.

“Mr. Chance, didn’t you go looking for Lunarius Palace? Did you find it?” Faiyar asked.

“Yes. I even managed to get a Demonia Stone. I was on my way back to Blood Spirit Valley, and I just happened to pass by here, so I thought I’d drop in and visit. Where is Mr. Pruitt?” Jared asked.

“Oh, my master has gone into seclusion. Currently, I’m the one handling all matters of Soul Demon Sect,” Serena said.

“Correct. Serena is now the vice president, overseeing the entire Soul Demon Sect,” Faiyar uttered.

Upon hearing this, Jared looked at Faiyar and said, “Not bad, brat. Now that you’re the sect leader’s dual cultivation partner, you can live off her in the future.” “Haha!” Faiyar gave a sly chuckle.

Jared recounted the Mueller family’s attack on Lunarius Palace and said, “I want Soul Demon Segt to lendan hand, Even if you can’t directly resist the Mueller family, you can assist from the rear, helping those unfortunate cultivators who have died to restore their physical bodies.”

Serena, on the other hand, began to blush.

“Do you have some business with my master, Mr. Chance?” Serena asked.

“Actually, there’s something I was hoping you guys from Soul Demon Sect could help me with,” Jared said.

Upon hearing that Jared offered his help, Serena quickly assured him, “Please go ahead, Mr. Chance. Rest assured, whatever is within our power, Soul Demon Sect will not hesitate to do.”

Jared knew that the overall strength of Soul Demon Sect was somewhat lacking. Their primary mode of attack was through spiritual sense, and their main ability was physical body restoration.

As long as there was conflict, casualties were inevitable. However, even if the physical bady waso M even if the physicalpady waso m destroyed, as long as the soul managed to escape, it was stilli possible to restore the body and come back to life.

Serena nodded and said, “No problem. I’ll personally lead Soul Demon Sect disciples there, and Mi bring a large amount of soul flowers.

As long as it can help you, Mr.

Chance, we are willing to do everything in our power.”

Therefore, many cultivators, in their final moments, would abandon their physical bodies, allowing a sliver of their souls to escape.

Soul Demon Sect’s task was to perform physical body restoration for the souls that managed to escape and return. This was of utmost importance.

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