A Man Like None Other Chapter 3881

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3881-Completely Annihilated Another Demonic Cultivator abruptly slammed both hands onto the ground.

Rapidly, chains of black mist launched toward the flame puppet, attempting to bind it. The goal was to restrain the puppet’s movements, thereby weakening its ability to act.

However, the moment the black mist chains touched the flame puppet, they were instantly incinerated by the intense heat, not even producing the slightest effect.

“D*mn! This underling is freaking impressive!” Jared watched the scene unfold before him, somewhat taken aback. Не himself hadn’t expected that the puppet

would be so impressive.

“Who would have thought that Fire Spirit Lord’s demonic fire soul essence would be so powerful? With it, the power this puppet displays is truly immense.” Vermilion Demon Lord hadn’t anticipated that the puppet, powered by the demonic fire soul essence, would be so incredibly powerful.

Alphonse was completely baffled at this moment. He had never seen such an impressive puppet before.

Puppets like these, typically powered solely by spiritual stones, relied merely on brute force attacks. The possibility of them possessing something as potent as demonic fire was utterly non-existent.

But surprisingly, this puppet possessed demonic fire. Moreover, it seemed that demonic fire was shifting. It wasn’t just one type of demonic fire.

Even though the puppet’s attacks were still being launched one punch at a time, combined with the intense heat it radiated, it was incredibly hard to bear.

He couldn’t comprehend where exactly Jared had managed to acquire such a puppet, one that possessed demonic fire.

Several Demonic Cultivators grew timid, yet the flame puppet fearlessly continued its charge. It simply did not comprehend the concept of fear.

Every attack from the puppet struck the Demonic Cultivators like a sledgehammer to the heart, throwing them into a state of panic. Their formation started to fall into disarray.

At that moment, these Demonic Cultivators could only defend themselves, no longer possessing the strength to counterattack. Amidst the chaos, the flame puppet launched another punch. Its blazing fire, akin to a massive dragon, lunged at one of the Demonic Cultivators.

The Demonic Cultivator let out a terrified scream, attempting to evade, but the flames were relentless, mirroring his every move, and swallowed him whole.

At that moment, only two Demonic Cultivators remained on the battlefield. They stared blankly at one another, their eyes filled with terror and despair. They knew they had no chance of victory left.

The two Demonic Cultivators cast a glance at Alphonse. Seeing that he had no intention of intervening, nor did he signal for them to retreat, they found themselves with no other option but to fight with all they had. They decided to join forces, casting their most powerful forbidden technique, in a desperate attempt to annihilate the flaming puppet, even if it meant their own demise.

They then mumbled, their hands forming intricate seals. A powerful aura began to gather around them.

However, before they could complete their forbidden technique, the fire puppet had already rushed in front of them. It then launched its attack with a powerful punch, the flames surging toward the two Demonic Cultivators like a raging torrent.

They barely had time to react before the flames devoured them. Their faces, illuminated by the fiery glow, were filled with terror and despair. Eventually, they were reduced to two balls of fire, disappearing without a trace.

“This underling is impressive!” Jared leaped up in excitement, even more thrilled than if he had been the one to vanquish the five Demonic Cultivators himself.

Judging from this battle, the puppet’s power was substantial enough to reach the strength of an Eighth Level Tribulator. Whether it could go even higher would require further battles for observation.

However, even if it was the strength of an Eighth Level Tribulator, Jared was quite pleased. It was as if he had gained an Eighth Level Tribulator bodyguard by his side.

At that moment, Faiyar and Serena, among others, were filled with nothing but shock and shame. They coulan’t belleve that they had proven themselves to be even less useful than a mere puppet.

Alphonse had a slight frown on his face, showing no signs of grief over the death of his few subordinates.

The only reason he hadn’t made a move was because he wanted to gauge just how skillful Jared’s puppet was.

After Alphonse finished speaking, his aura erupted once again.

“I finally understand now why the president has proposed a hundred-year offering to hunt youn down. so, i’s not you who is infipressive, but rather your extraordinary puppet. However, puppets are ultimately lifeless. Even if you have a puppet’s protection, I will surely kill you today!”

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