A Man Like None Other Chapter 3806

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3806-Jared executed the Blazing Stride, and his body disappeared in an instant!

However, just as he was about to reach the area shrouded in black mist, suddenly, hundreds of disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect rushed out. They had been lying in ambush there all along!

Seeing Jared alone, these people didn’t hesitate at all and all charged toward him.

In the face of the hundreds of disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect, a flicker of crimson fire appeared in Jared’s gaze.

He knew he couldn’t afford to waste time here because Lauden probably couldn’t hold on much longer.

Jared suddenly leaped into the air, floating in mid-air. Flames surged all over his body!

These Demonic Cultivators from the Lethal Spirit Sect were most afraid of the demonic fire.

As Jared slowly raised his hands, an endless blaze ignited across the entire sky.

Even the air seemed to be on fire.

Waves of intense heat swept across the land, covering a radius of several miles in flames. The thick layers of snow that had accumulated instantly melted and evaporated.

Jared unleashed all the demonic fire within him.

The Lethal Spirit Sect’s disciples stared at the endless flames, their eyes filled with terror!


With a sweep of his hand, Jared gathered the flames into one spot, instantly transforming it into a fire dragon, its jaws gaping wide open!

The fire dragon roared, swooping straight down.

Those disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect were shocked.

They burst forth with countless lethal intents, forming an impenetrable shield of black mist to stop this fire dragon.

Just as their shield of dark mist had formed, they felt a massive suction force, which instantly drew aw away all their lethal intent.

Jared opened his mouth, and countless lethal intents entered his body.

At this point, the disciples of the Lethal Spirit Sect were even more bewildered.

In the midst of their confusion, the fire dragon had already lunged forward. The intense flames caused the disciples of the Lethal Spirit Sect to be engulfed in a fierce blaze!

They let out piercing screams.

Seeing this, the disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect fled in all directions. Terror filled their hearts.

But there was nowhere to escape.

After a burst of intense flame, more than a dozen disciples of the Lethal Spirit Sect were instantly reduced to ashes!

Even their souls were incinerated.

Hundreds of disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect were instantly annihilated, leaving no trace behind.

At this point, Keelan and the others had arrived. Witnessing the scene before them, they were all utterly shocked!

Keelan secretly rejoiced that he had stood on Lauden’s side and let Jared go.

If the Five Great Sects had thoroughly angered Jared at the time, Keelan didn’t know what the consequences would be for them.

Far away, Ivan heard the piercing screams of the disciples from the Lethal Spirit Sect.

The screams of hundreds of people echoed far and wide. After wiping out the disciples from Lethal Spirit Sect, Jared immediately disappeared in a flash.

Jared’s figure soon appeared in the black mist.

Ivan also immediately sensed that someone had intruded into his dark mist.

Consequently, he concentrated his energy to summon a horde of malicious spirits, wildly charging toward the location where Jared had appeared!

At the same time, Ivan accelerated his attack on Lauden.

He wanted to break free, but it felt as if all his energy had been drained from his body!

“I told you, I won’t die by your hands…” Lauden knew he was doomed, so he leaped toward the crevice in desperation!

He would rather leap to his death than perish at the hands of the Lethal Spirit Sect.

At that moment, Jared had already rushed over. Seeing Lauden jump into the crevice, he was filled with immense anxiety!

“Don’t jump, don’t jump…”

Seeing this, Jared instantly grabbed the Demon Flogger and flung it in the direction of Ivan.

Crack, crack, crack!

The Demon Flogger emitted a deafening sound, instantly shattering the dense black mist, making it disappear without a trace

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