A Man Like None Other Chapter 3804

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3804-“What… what is this?” Cole looked at the Demon Flogger in Jared’s hand, feeling extreme fear in his heart.

The whip hadn’t even struck him yet, but just the sound made his head spin. If it hit him, it would be even worse!

“This is called the Demon Flogger, specifically for beating Demonic Cultivators.

You’ll know how it feels when you taste it. It’s quite exhilarating!” As Jared spoke, he lashed out at Cole with a whip. The latter cried out in pain from the harsh strike!

He relentlessly beat Cole to a pulp, despite the latter’s constant pleas for mercy!

“Please, please stop, I was wrong, I was wrong! Spare me. I’ll never serve the Demon Seal Alliance again, nor will I pursue you!” Cole couldn’t bear the soul-crushing pain inflicted by the Demon Flogger.

Enduring physical pain was one thing, but the Demon Flogger targeted the consciousness of Demonic Cultivators, a pain that couldn’t be endured with mere willpower.

Seeing Cole in such agony, Jared directly lifted him up and chased after Keelan and the others.

Jared didn’t kill Cole because he felt this guy still had some use. Perhaps he could be used in exchange for Lauden.

Jared moved swiftly, so much so that Cole was taken aback by his speed. The latter’s eyes nearly popped out in astonishment!

At last, he understood why the Demon Seal Alliance used the hundred-year offering to pursue Jared!

This wasn’t just a Third Level Tribulator. He was even more impressive than a Ninth Level Tribulator!

And he had a Demon Flogger, a divine weapon that countered Demonic Cultivators.

Cole regretted it now. Why did he take on this job?

“Where are the others from the Lethal Spirit Sect? Can you sense their location?” Jared asked Cole.

Although Jared knew the general direction Lauden had escaped, he couldn’t be sure if they would change direction in the middle.

Hence, he wanted Cole to discern the location of his own sect’s disciples!

Once they found the people from the Lethal Spirit Sect, they would definitely find Lauden too.

“I-I can’t sense it!” Cole shook his head.

“Bullshit! How do you communicate? How do you gather?” Jared slapped Cole’s head.

“I-I really can’t sense it. We…” Cole still wanted to lie.

Jared didn’t listen anymore and directly whipped Cole several times with the Demon Flogger, Cole screamed, his face distorting in pain.

“If you don’t speak up, I’ll keep going until you do!” Jared’s hand was relentless, whipping him continuously.

Cole was near to tears. He grimaced in pain and said, “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you…” Seeing Cole soften, Jared stopped.

“Let me ask where Ivan is.” Cole took out a communication device from his pocket and carefully infused it with spiritual power.

It was evident that Cole regarded this communication device as extremely important.

Although communication devices were ordinary, they were also precious items.

They wouldn’t be used unless it was urgent.

“I get it. I’ll be there right away!” Cole put away the communication device. He glanced at Jared.

“You know the location now. Can you let me go?” “Let you go? Dream on!” Jared snorted and carried Cole toward the crevice.

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