A Man Like None Other Chapter 3803

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3803-The gigantic malicious spirit opened its mouth wide, and all the malicious spirits transmogrified by Cole were sucked into its body!

In an instant, thousands of malicious spirits vanished without a trace!

Cole’s mouth hung open in disbelief at the sight before him.

“This… How could this be possible? How could you transmogrify a malicious spirit? No, this isn’t lethal intent. It’s marked aura, the marked aura of Elder Hadad. How do you have marked aura? It’s a hundred times more powerful than lethal intent. Who are you?” Cole’s body trembled as he questioned Jared loudly.

“If I told you I was a good friend of your Elder Hadad, would you believe me?” Jared replied with a faint smile.

“You’re talking nonsense…” Cole refused to believe it.

How could Hadad be friends with Jared, a minor Tribulator cultivator?

Moreover, after the Celestial Battle thousands of years ago, he had disappeared. No one knew whether he was dead or alive. Everyone assumed he had died in battle long ago. How could he have a friend?

“Ah, I’m telling the truth, but unfortunately, you don’t believe me,. There’s nothing I can do!” Jared shook his head, suddenly opening his mouth!

A tremendous suction force instantly sucked the malicious spirit into his body, along with all the surrounding black mist, leaving the sky clear for miles around.

The black mist was nowhere to be seen.

Upon witnessing Jared inhaling such a vast amount of black mist, Cole was so shocked that he was left speechless!

If Jared wasn’t a Demonic Cultivator, he wouldn’t have dared to inhale this black mist.

Yet, if Jared were a Demonic Cultivator, there was absolutely no trace of such an aura on him!

What on earth was going on?

Cole was completely confused at this moment. A Third Level Tribulator who wasn’t a Demonic Cultivator but could transmogrify malicious spirits and possess a marked aura!

This was beyond his comprehension!

D*mn, this is strange. I should run now.

Cole changed his mind. he dared not continue his fight with Jared!

Just as Cole turned to run, Jared couldn’t help but-laugh!

“You want to run, but have you asked me?” Using the Blazing Stride, Jared caught up with Cole instantly.

Cole was astonished and exerted more force to speed up again.

However, Jared was like a ghost, always trailing behind him.

“You’re a bit slow. Speed up!” Jared said with a chuckle.

Cole watched as flames engulfed Jared’s feet. He had no idea what technique Jared was using, but it allowed Jared to follow as closely as a shadow, making it impossible to shake Jared off!

“Stop chasing…” Cole launched a strike toward Jared!

This time, Cole didn’t use lethal intent as he knew it had no effect on Jared!

It was simply a pure surge of spiritual energy, directed straight at Jared!


Jared’s figure didn’t sway in the slightest!

Seeing that, Cole looked utterly helpless. He ran desperately, but he just couldn’t outrun Jared!

Finally, he could only stop, panting for breath.

Jared was toying with him in the same way he had toyed with the disciples of the Five Great Sects earlier.

As the saying goes, “What goes around comes around.” “What exactly do you want?” Cole demanded.

“To have fun with you, of course. I still have some surprises up my sleeve that you haven’t seen yet!” With that, Jared pulled out the Demon Flogger.

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