A Man Like None Other Chapter 3769

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3769-Bianca and the others also gathered up the beast cores of the other four snowcloud beasts.

The beast core of such an extremely rare demon beast was indeed highly valuable!

“All right, let’s get moving quickly. We shouldn’t stay here too long. However, we need to stay alert for the journey ahead!” Jared spoke to the multitude of holy maidens.

After all, there was no one scouting ahead anymore, so it was uncertain what dangers still lay ahead.

Bianca and the others nodded in agreement, then proceeded forward with Jared.

Not long after Jared and his group had left, Leighton, along with the Mueller family members, arrived on the scene.

Upon seeing the bodies scattered all around, everyone in the Mueller family felt a chill run down their spines.

A member of the Mueller family addressed Leighton, saying, “Uncle Leighton, these are all bodies of Lunarius Palace disciples, along with those wandering cultivators who were deceived into coming here. I’m afraid not a single one of them survived.” Leighton’s brow slightly furrowed, his expression turning serious.

So many perished even before they reached the polar region. They must have encountered something terrifying, or perhaps, a demon beast.

What could have possibly happened that resulted in so many deaths?

“Keep moving. Everyone, stay alert,” he instructed.

Leighton, leading the group, pressed on. It didn’t take long before they stumbled upon the dead snow-cloud beasts.

“These are snow-cloud beasts!” Upon seeing the snow-cloud beasts, everyone in the Mueller family cried out in shock.

After all, this kind of demon beast hadn’t been seen for many years. Some even claimed it was already extinct.

“So many snow-cloud beasts were slain, and their beast cores taken. Could it be the work of the holy maidens from Lunarius Palace?” Leighton looked at the lifeless bodies of the snow-cloud beasts, feeling an unexpected surge of nervousness within him.

If these snow-cloud beasts were truly slain by the holy maidens of Lunarius Palace and Jared, then the power of these individuals was not to be underestimated!

“Uncle Leighton, it must have been the work of the holy maidens from Lunarius Palace. After all, they were the only ones ahead of us. It appears that Ms. Selma was correct in her guess. Nieva of Lunarius Palace has been quietly grooming the holy maidens, most likely intending to challenge our Mueller family. Despite relying on us to start up, they’ve been secretly growing stronger behind our backs!” a member of the Mueller family said.

“No matter how much Lunarius Palace progresses, it could never rival our Mueller family. Our lineage has been thriving for a millennium, while Lunarius Palace is merely in its infancy. After this trip to the polar region, I’ll report directly to the head of the family and have Lunarius Palace obliterated!” After Leighton finished speaking, he gestured with his hand, signaling everyone to move forward.

Jared and his companions were completely unaware that members of the Mueller family were trailing behind them as they drew ever closer to the polar region.

Just as they were about to reach the polar region, surprisingly, they spotted a trail of footprints on the pristine white snow.

The footprints were remarkably clear, evidently fresh. Had they been made much earlier, they would have likely been covered by the heavy snowfall.

Bianca looked at the footprints, anxiously asking with a tense expression, “Mr.

Chance, has someone beaten us to the punch?”

Up ahead, as Yuliya struggled forward, she was suddenly enveloped by a spiritual sense, causing her to become incredibly tense.

She was wounded, having barely escaped from the jaws of the snow-cloud beasts, only to find herself the target of someone else’s attention now.

Yuliya wasn’t sure who had set their sights on her, but she knew one thing for certain if she were to be caught, the consequences would be unthinkable.

As a female cultivator, if she were to be injured and captured, endless humiliation was all that awaited her!

Oftentimes, humans proved to be far more terrifying than demon beasts!

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