A Man Like None Other Chapter 3765

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3765-The following morning, Nieva summoned the dozen or so holy maidens before awaiting Jared’s arrival. Jared slowly emerged from his room, his face bearing traces of fatigue.

Seeing that, Nieva asked, “Mr. Chance, didn’t you get a good rest?” “It was all right!” Chen said, flashing a nonchalant smile.

Last night, he had spent the entire night pondering over his women, trying to figure out who his true love was.

“You can set off now. There shouldn’t be any danger along the way. Yesterday, Yuliya and her fellow outer circle disciples, along with the cultivators who passed the evaluation, have already embarked on their journey. I had them leave markers along the way. All you need to do is follow these markers, and there shouldn’t be any risks!” Nieva said to Jared.

Jared nodded, understanding that those outer circle disciples were merely cannon fodder, the vanguard paving the way!

However, this was an inevitable circumstance. The growth of a sect always demanded sacrifices.

After bidding farewell to Nieva, Jared set off with Bianca and the rest.

By then, they were already at the southernmost point of the southern region.

Nonetheless, the direction Jared and his group set off in was, surprisingly, further south!

The boundary of the Ethereal Realm, shrouded in chaos, was now visible. Could it be possible that the polar region was concealed within this chaos?

“Mr. Chance, Lunarius Palace isn’t even at the southernmost point. The border of chaos is about five hundred kilometers away,” Bianca explained to Jared while following him.

The phrase “so close and yet so far” perfectly described their current situation.

The border seemed close, but in reality, it was still quite a distance away.

Since the path had already been cleared for them, Jared and his group were able to move quickly and with ease.

Meanwhile, on a small hill not far from Lunarius Palace, the members of the Mueller family had all gathered there.

“Ms. Selma, the people from Lunarius Palace have already set off…” Leighton reported to Selma.

“All right, you guys should set off too. Whatever you do, don’t start any fights on the way. We can use the people from Lunarius Palace as our front line. Once you reach the polar region, then you can take action. Get the job done efficiently, and don’t leave any loose ends. Not a single survivor should be left.

Otherwise, we’ll be handing Lunarius Palace something to hold against us,” Selma said coldly.

“Understood, Ms. Selma.” Leighton gave a nod, then with a wave of his hand, he led the Mueller family members away.

At the same time the Mueller family set off for the polar region, several groups of people were also heading toward the polar region from the surrounding fifty kilometers.

After all, with such allure present, many people were hoping for a fortuitous encounter in the polar region.

Among these individuals, one was clad in an unusual black robe, adorned with the embroidered image of a ferocious demon beast.

This was none other than Pablo, who had been injured by Jared previously!

After he was injured and escaped from Demonia Sect, he took some time to recover from his wounds. Upon hearing that the polar region was an immortal’s tomb, he hastily rushed over.

With this, things were likely to heat up in the polar region.

Inside Lunarius Palace, Nieva was seated solemnly in the grand hall.

“Understood!” Nieva waved her hand, signaling for the disciple to leave.

Nieva merely chuckled. “Tell me, between the Mueller family and Lunarius Palace, who do you think is more powerful?” The disciple paused, then shook her head and answered, “I don’t know…”

After Nieva finished speaking, a subtle smile graced her lips before she began to laugh.

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