A Man Like None Other Chapter 3760

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3760-Although the black tortoiseshell could only withstand one hit before it was ruined, that single instance was enough to save their lives.

At that moment, the holy maidens looked toward Jared, their gazes filled with admiration.

Although Jared was only a Third Level Tribulator, he was an array master. In Ethereal Realm, array masters and alchemists were both highly respected.

The fact that Jared was an array master meant that his cultivation level wasn’t particularly high. After all, he had devoted most of his energy to mastering arcane arrays.

Bianca stepped forward, respectfully saying, “Many thanks, Mr. Chance. We will be following Ms. Nieva’s orders and ensure your safety throughout the journey.” After they had received such valuable gifts, it would have been rude for them to go against Jared.

Listening to Bianca’s words, Jared simply responded with a faint smile. “Just focus on keeping yourselves safe. If possible, I’ll do my best to bring you all back.” Jared’s words instantly caused Bianca’s grateful expression to darken.

The other holy maidens were also glaring at Jared, clearly dissatisfied with his comment.

“So, are you saying that you’re stronger than all ten of us combined?” Bianca asked Jared.

Jared did not respond. Instead, it was Nieva who spoke up. “That’s right. Even if all of you gang up on Mr. Chance, you wouldn’t be able to harm him in the slightest. All you need to do is obey him during the journey. Now, go out and have some fun.” After Nieva finished speaking, she turned around and walked away.

Although the holy maidens were discontent, no one dared to contradict Nieva.

Jared merely chuckled without uttering a word.

After their departure, the ten holy maidens descended the mountain together, heading toward Southedge City for a leisurely visit.

They didn’t know whether they would return alive from their journey to the polar region, so they had to live it up that day.

Jared had gone to rest in his room. He had spent the entire night engraving array runes, an extremely exhausting endeavor.

Thus, he had to recover and be in his best condition as quickly as possible.

When Jared opened his eyes, moonlight had already filled the room, while the sky had turned dark.

However, the snow reflected the moonlight, making the outside appear as if it were daylight.

Jared stepped out of the room, feeling the gusts of cold wind sweeping over him, a sensation that felt extremely invigorating.

In such a harsh environment, an ordinary person would probably struggle to last a day. But for cultivators like Jared, the severe cold was nothing to fear.

Jared leaped up, settling himself atop the roof.

He saw a figure gracefully practicing martial arts in Nieva’s courtyard.

It was none other Nieva herself, training with a longsword in her hand.

The moonlight spilled over her, illuminating the sheer fabric of her attire, a sight that left Jared utterly mesmerized.

Nieva could sense someone watching her, but she knew who it was, so she didn’t pay it any mind.

Jared only felt a warmth in his nose, followed by a few drops of blood that fell from it onto the pristine white snow.

“See no evil, hear no evil…” Jared quickly turned around, reciting the calming incantation.

What is this? I swear she is trying to seduce me!

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Jared fell into deep thought.

“What is the true nature of time nascence..

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Jared gazed listlessly at the moonlight, completely lost in his thoughts.

At that moment, the holy maidens who had rushed back from Southedge City arrived at Lunarius Palace.

“Bianca, I had such a great time today. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this happy.” “Exactly, I even had a lot of delicious food.” “Southedge City is a lot more bustling than before!” The holy maidens were all engaged in lively chatter and laughter

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