A Man Like None Other Chapter 3751

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3751-Alastair, on the other hand, was standing off to the side, watching Jared with a cold sweat covering his entire body!

He was well aware of what Jared was capable of. He’s only a Third Level Tribulator cultivator, yet he has the gall to speak to a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator like that! Is he courting death?

Suppressing the anger welling up within him, Leighton addressed Jared. “Brat, show me what you’ve got. Let’s see if you have the chops to back up your words!” If Jared truly possessed the cultivation level of a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator, perhaps Leighton would have been more restrained.

“Why should I show off my abilities? Flaunting my wealth is enough. If you’re capable, outbid me. If you’re out of money, then stop chattering away here!” Jared stated bluntly!

He had nearly been killed by Selma, so naturally, he would not be polite when dealing with the Mueller family!

“Brat, you’re asking for trouble…” Unable to hold back any longer, Leighton instantly moved toward Jared, his claw slashing through the air.

He was trying to push Jared into action. In doing so, Jared’s aura would be exposed, revealing the latter’s true strength!

Just as Jared was about to make his move, a figure suddenly stepped in front of him!

Immediately following a thunderous roar, two forces collided in an instant, causing the void to tremble. The entire house collapsed in a blink of an eye!

As the house collapsed, the barriers that everyone had put up vanished. Their true selves, including their appearances, were laid bare for all to see!

Thankfully, those people were all cultivators, so the collapse of the house didn’t result in any casualties. However, the auction was definitely not going to continue!

However, when everyone saw Jared, realizing he only possessed the power of a Third Level Tribulator cultivator, they were all stunned!

They couldn’t believe a Third Level Tribulator cultivator could utter such arrogant words and stand his ground against a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator calmly.

Thus, they wondered if Jared had a powerful backer.

Even Wilson was somewhat taken aback when he saw Jared’s capabilities!

Leighton was livid, his face a mask of rage. He couldn’t believe he had been played by a Third Level Tribulator cultivator!

Wilson addressed Leighton. “Mr. Mueller, I hope you can do me a favor and refrain from any actions here!” Leighton shook his somewhat numb arm, glaring fiercely at Jared. “Brat, I’ll be waiting for you outside. Let’s see if you can hide hi in here forever!” Since he had already seen Jared’s true face, he was not afraid that Jared would run away!

From his perspective, a Third Level Tribulator cultivator could be squashed like a bug with just a flick of his finger!

However, he had to show respect to Wilson. After all, Wilson was a Top Level Tribulator cultivator, whom he was not a match for.

With a flick of his sleeve, Leighton turned around and left!

Wilson had given the hand fan to Jared, who, in turn, happily paid for it!

He urged Jared to leave as soon as possible as he certainly didn’t want to offend the Mueller family because of Jared!

“What should we do?” Alastair asked with a hint of fear. Leighton must have been waiting for us outside. If we leave now, Jared will be done for!

Alastair was also afraid of getting himself involved, after all, he was with Jared!

“Don’t worry. That guy won’t be able to kill us, especially when I have this precious item in my possession!” Jared casually flicked the hand fan in his hand!

There was no doubt that this hand fan could easily ward off Leighton’s attack!

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