A Man Like None Other Chapter 3749

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3749-Jared scrutinized it carefully with his Nethersky Eye, discovering that fan was indeed quite peculiar. The flowing light on it was not emitted from any formation patterns, but rather, it was the inherent radiance of the fan itself!

Moreover, the crafting of that fan was so peculiar that Jared found it somewhat incomprehensible!

Wilson, hearing the crowd’s criticism about his fan, didn’t get angry. Instead, he gave a cool, dismissive laugh and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever heard of the legend of Craftsman Sect?” “Of course, I’ve heard of it,” they said. “Rumor has it that Craftsman Sect is nothing short of a celestial abode, holding a significant status even in the celestial realm. Moreover, they are particularly skilled in artifact refinement.” “The items crafted by the Craftsman Sect were all exceptionally unique and peculiar. It was said that they could create a wooden boat, small enough to fit in a palm, that could magically transform to accommodate thousands of people in an instant!” “Exactly, I’ve heard the same. They say that Craftsman Sect has the power to make a silk purse of a sow’s ear. It’s incredibly impressive!” Upon hearing the name Craftsmen Sect, every single cultivator began to express their thoughts!

“Craftsman Sect, why does it seem somewhat familiar to me?” At that moment, Vermilion Demon Lord began to speak!

Upon hearing that, Jared realized that Craftsman Sect was no ordinary place. If Vermilion Demon Lord seemed to have some recollection of it, it must be a sect from the celestial realm!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the renowned Craftsman Sect, yet you all find it hard to believe that this fan I hold in my hands was crafted there. Today, I intend to demonstrate its authenticity right here in front of you all to dispel any doubts!” As Wilson spoke, a slender breath of air seeped into the hand fan he held. The radiant light on the fan intensified, and astonishingly, it began to grow larger.

Eventually, it expanded to a size of about three meters, completely obscuring Wilson from view!

“The hand fan appears as delicate as the wings of a cicada, yet it is incredibly sturdy. Moreover, it possessed a powerful defensive capability. This is a defensive hand fan. Even a Top Level Tribulator wouldn’t stand a chance at breaking this hand fan. It’s simply impossible. I’ll demonstrate it to everyone now!” After Wilson finished speaking, he placed the hand fan in front of him. He then began to channel his Top Level Tribulator aura, causing it to erupt.

Following that, he launched a palm strike!


Accompanied by a thunderous noise, the entire room started to shake. Yet, astonishingly, the hand fan before them remained undamaged!

Upon witnessing that scene, every cultivator was stirred!

If one possessed such a protective magical item, wouldn’t it mean they’d stand a chance at survival, even when faced with a Top Level Tribulator cultivator.

Upon seeing the situation, Jared was also somewhat thrilled.

Although Jared possessed Golem Body, the strength of his Golem Body could only increase in tandem with his own power!

Jared also had Dragon Bell. Given the robustness of Dragon Bell, it could withstand a strike from a Top Level Tribulator cultivator!

However, confining oneself inside Dragon Bell was akin to setting oneself an easy target. If any real danger arose, there would be absolutely no chance to escape!

However, that hand fan was different. It was handy and could be used at will.

With such a defensive magical item, Jared no longer needed to fear Top Level Tribulator cultivators. If worst comes to worst, he could just run without getting hurt!

“Wilson, the starting bid for this hand fan must be high, right?” a cultivator asked loudly!

“Of course. The bidding starts at twenty million spirit coins. The highest bidder wins!” Wilson stated.

“I offer twenty million!” Someone shouted out immediately!

Another exclaimed, “I offer forty million!” “I offer sixty million!” one added.

The bidding had barely started when someone shouted an offer of sixty million.

It seemed that everyone was truly enamored!

Just when the cultivator felt almost certain, Jared suddenly spoke up! “One hundred and ten million

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